Nice wheels, flourishing design of body stripes, enhanced mechanics, variety of colours… The leak of the 2018 Ford Mustang reveals quite a bit of successful revamping to older classic Mustang models – some positive, others giving Mustang owners and fanatics doubt to some extent.

Since the leak of the upcoming 2018 Ford Mustang, fanatics of the muscle car have expressed some gloomy reviews concerning the external revitalisation of the Mustang – mainly its new “sad” face.

However, Mustang fanatics and owners seemed to be quite impressed by the continuation of the traditional “graphic stripes” built-in 2 of the new Mustang’s trim levels.

Firstly, the new Ford muscle car comes with 6 exclusive package deal options:

  1. EcoBoost Premium Pony Package
  2. EcoBoost Wheel and Stripe Package
  3. EcoBoost Performance Package
  4. GT Performance Package
  5. Black Accent Package
  6. Carbon Sport Interior Package

Not sure which 2018 Ford Mustang package deal to take? The leak has revealed scanned information of the various specs about what each trim level have to offer. But, it all comes down to your personal preference – more specifically, which features will suit your personal daily needs; as well as which car best suits your personality characteristics, such as what you do and do not like.

Luckily, the Ford brand has developed a sort of ‘match-making’ package deal to compliment every Mustang fanatic’s personality.

Here’s the down low of the leak!

  • Although the Premium Pony Package was not hailed for its name, the graphic blade-looking side stripe features, unique upper grille and aluminum wheels could definitely make the talk of the town.
  • Living up to its trim name, the Wheel and Stripes Package… well, it also boasts aluminum wheels and all-round body stripes available in a variety of colours to choose from.
  • The highly attractive EcoBoost Performance Package creates an appeal for its Ebony-black aluminum wheels, performance spoiler, rear sway bar and blackened strut-tower brace.
  • The GT Performance Package boasts a unique front air splitter, 6-piston front brake calipers, a luxury rear wing spoiler, heavy duty front springs and features of the Black Accent and EcoBoost Performance trim levels.
  • The Black Accent is definitely a Mustang to consider – Engine spun aluminum panel; gauge pack; unique and improved chassis, stability control, EPAS and ABS; enhanced radiator; and black roof panel, grille, wheels and lip spoiler. Unless you’re interested in stripes, what more could you ask for!
  • Adding a carbon fibre shift knob, features of the Black Accent and Alcantara leather inserts on the door and seats, the Carbon Package is an all-new option.

Here is the 2018 Ford Mustang Order Guide Companion, which include factory-installed packages and stand-alone options.

2018 Ford Mustang Order Guide Companion

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