1. First aid kit:
    In case of medical emergencies, a first aid kit is a no-brainer. You can buy pre-packed kits from most pharmacies and supplement them with any specific medical products you think you might need.
  2. Fire extinguisher:
    Car fires have been a hot topic in the news over the last few years, with the infamous Ford Kuga at the top of most people’s minds. Keep an extinguisher handy, even if it’s just a small one, in case you catch yourself in a smoky situation.
  3. Emergency triangle:
    This isn’t a recommendation – it’s the law.
  4. Reflective jacket:
    A shiny jacket will keep you visible to other drivers in case you need to check something outside the cabin.
  5. Jumper cables:
    Flat batteries are the main causes of breakdowns, so make sure you keep a set of jumper cables handy. Check out our cheat sheet for what to do if your car breaks down!
  6. Tow strap or tow rope:
    If you do break down and you need help getting your car somewhere safe, you can’t guarantee that your saviour will have a tow rope to pull you along.
  7. Tyre sealant:
    Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a flat tyre, but having some tyre sealant on hand can give you a quick fix for a slow puncture.
  8. Multi-tool:
    A swiss army knife may not do it but if you don’t have space for a full set of tools, having a multipurpose tool like a leatherman can help you out of a tight squeeze.
  9. Duct tape:
    MacGuyver best friend, duct tape can get you out of a host of situations. When there’s a hole in the boat, duct tape may mean the difference between sinking and swimming. And don’t forget – silence is golden but duct tape is silver. Because it has a thousand uses, from medical to mechanical.
  10. Flashlight:
    Don’t be left in the dark, keep a flashlight somewhere in the car with you – some even plug into your car charger.
  11. Cell phone charger cable:
    Keeping contact in an emergency can mean the difference between a quick solution and an uncomfortable situation. Keep that phone charged at all times, and make sure you never run out of airtime!
  12. Pen and paper:
    Sometimes old-fashioned is more efficient –  in an accident situation, trying to type and save important information is tricky. Write it down and transfer it to your phone later.
  13. Plastic poncho:
    Because no one likes to get caught in the rain without a raincoat. Changing tyres and other running repairs can take time, and you’re guaranteed to be miserable if you have a flat AND you’re getting wet.
  14. Paper towels or wet wipes:
    For those sticky situations.
  15. Space blanket:
    Unless you’re a 20-something at a music festival, sleeping in your car probably doesn’t sound like the way you want to spend your Saturday night. But if you are forced to rough it for a night, or you need to keep someone warm, having a blanket can be the difference between life and death: cars are terrible at holding warmth, and in cold temperatures a space blanket is just what the doctor ordered.
  16. Drinking water:
    Emergencies make for thirsty work – keep a few bottles stored somewhere out of direct sunlight.
  17. Snacks:
    Keep your energy up with some easy-to-store snacks that can be left in your car for months without going off.
  18. Road maps:
    You never know where you’ll lose signal and Google Maps, so keep a hard copy map under the seat to get you to your destination in the middle of nowhere.
  19. Cash:
    ATMs and car machines aren’t always available, so keep some paper on you at all times.
  20. Emergency documents:
    In case you’re incapacitated, make sure your medical aid membership card and in-case-of-emergency contact details somewhere that a passerby can easily access them.

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