Is Technology giving New Life to the Car Buying Industry?

Is Technology giving New Life to the Car Buying Industry?

February 20, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Millenials are buying their first electric or hybrid cars in Urban cities, and the days of walking into a car dealership to trade in car or sell your second hand car are soon to be gone. Not to mention, auto-makers are placing a strong focus on hybrid and electric vehicles throughout 2018 – promising to make the majority of new car models in hybrid or electric variants.

Car buying services, like, has already taken a digital turn, which have resulted in an acceleration and breath of new life in South Africa’s automotive industry.

Many second hand car sellers are dubious about the safety of the transaction when it comes to selling a car online, which is only human nature. So, why have car buying industries taken the digital route?

Well, the fact that South Africa currently has more than 20-million active internet users, almost 90-million mobile connections and over 30-million social media account-holders, show that the automotive market can function far more seamlessly online than their predecessors did. If you have ever considered selling your second hand car, you’ve probably typed one of these questions or statements into Google:

  • How to sell my car online?
  • Advertise or sell a car on Gumtree
  • How can I get more value for my car?
  • Sell a second-hand car online, etc.

CarZar has made a major impact in accelerating the automotive industry’s digital car buying sector. Today, second hand car sellers can discover the market value of their car in seconds instead of advertising for days or months – thanks to the Digital Age…  and CarZar. The car buying service not only guarantees the safety and security of the transaction but provides sellers of running second hand cars with the best price the South African market is will to pay in four convenient, safe and transparent steps.

STEP 1: Get a free car valuation online –

STEP 2: Book an obligation-free technical inspection at one of our partner-DEKRA or KwikFit inspection centres.

STEP 3: Accept our final cash offer (Option 1) or let us advertise your car to our nationwide network of car dealers to get more for your car (Option 2).

STEP 4: We’ll make an instant payment straight into your bank account and take care of all the admin after you’ve accepted our final cash offer or the highest offer made by our network of car dealers.

With technology leaving behind used cars, hybrid and electric cars pitting themselves against old car models, and car depreciation having a major impact on the resale value of your car, perhaps it’s time to sell your car and get a good return on your investment!

Get the best price the market is willing to pay for your car – we buy cars.