If you’re trying to sell your second hand car, there are different options available to you. And it’s all thanks to the power of the Internet!

With all the endless resources that the digital world has to offer, you can now gain invaluable knowledge on how to sell your car quickly. CarZar has found a few quick and easy steps to take and understand, in order to help turn your used car into cash:

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Know the Market: Your first step is to check online ads. With a bit of online research the value of your car. Bear in mind, car dealers have a much bigger variety of prices than private party listings – compare them all and choose the best option for your car. However, it is important to take note of the used car’s condition, geographic location, mileage and selling price, in order to list and sell your second hand car at a price that will sell quickly.

Price your Car Competitively: Getting great worth out of selling a vehicle can be a bit tricky. Check out a few online classifieds and do a bit of research on different car purchasing websites, to try to get a fair online car valuation for your used car. It is recommended to up the price of your second hand car, to provide more room for negotiation. This strategy will assist you in getting the price you want, when your second hand car buyer tries their luck with a bit of haggling – that way, when they make you a lower offer, it will be closer to your actual price.

Make your Car Appealing: Ever heard of the saying, “first impression counts”.  Well, it’s true – even in cars. Ensure your car looks clean and attractive. Check your used car in for a wash and vacuum, and ensure that it includes wiping the brake dust off the wheel covers. Treat the tyres with a tire gloss. Clean your windows inside out. Give the car’s dashboard a good wipe down and empty the ashtrays. Believe it – this will increase your chances of getting a hale and hearty used car value.

Advertise your Car at the Right Place: Now that your car is looking great and running well, you can advertise it for sale. Free online classifieds such as Gumtree and OLX are, generally, the first thing second hand car sellers think about when doing a private car sale. But, have you ever considered the option to sell your secondhand car online? Probably the best decision you’d ever make.

Create Ads that Sell: Carefully think of what you will write on the ad – little words convey a lot. When creating “Private Car Sale” signs, you have an opportunity to grab the reader’s attention through just using words. The following abbreviations and phrases are highly recommended:

Must Sell!: This often means the seller is leaving town and wants the car to be purchased as soon as possible.
OBO: This stands for “or best offer”. It indicates that you’re willing to negotiate the price. This usually means you are eager to sell the vehicle immediately or within a short period of time.
Asking price: This also points out that you’re willing negotiate, but it is one notch below OBO on the eagerness scale.
Firm: This word is used to decline attempts to negotiate. It communicates that you aren’t in a hurry to sell the car, but rather interested in the advertised price only.

Below are a list of the most common channels used for advertising used cars:

1) Websites: Consider websites like CarZar.co.za – South Africa’s fastest car buying service. On CarZar.co.za, you can sell your car in just 30-minutes, while being ensured safety and convenience – directly to your doorstep! Your car selling process is streamlined in 3 quick and easy steps, and you’ll receive instant payment.

2) Social media: Make use of Facebook and Twitter – let your social media friends know you’re selling a used car. Ask your contacts to spread the word.
3) The car itself: Put a “Private Car Sale” sign on your car’s window – it may sound old-fashioned, but it still works.
4) Word of mouth:  Tell your friends, co-workers and family.

In addition, if you choose to use an online classified, ensure you are available to take calls, texts from possible buyers – basically, be ready to take on the various hassles that comes with advertising your personal information online. Chances are, they won’t leave a message for a return call – so answer or reply quickly to a text. Always be polite – creating a good, first impression to  your potential buyer will increase chances of them buying your vehicle. With CarZar, you won’t have to deal with the hassle and haggle that comes with private used car sales or when you sell car to a dealer. Your personal information is safe and you only deal with our professional inspector.

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