Car dates do not only define ‘romantic’, but it also alters the arc of your love life.

If you want to plan an amazing date without having to leave the comfort of your vehicle, we have put together an awesome guide to assist you in winning over his or her heart. The guide is not only ideal for those who are on tight budget but also appeals to those looking to make an uninterrupted connection, with the potential ‘love of their life’.

Turning your car into a first date is the perfect getting-to-know experience; rather than just running to the toilet and escaping out the window, after looking down at the menu all evening. However, being in a car alone with someone can also turn into a dreadful reality. Thus, CarZar’s guide helps you drive off without a hitch. Here is a road map to your perfect first date!

A car’s condition is the first impression. First thing’s first, ensure that your car has been showered with cleaning agents, your date will always check out your vehicle and believe us, she will be sniffing out your cars deodorant. It gives a perception of how you carry yourself through life. If you’re not a slob, don’t give that impression. Earn some brownie points!

Many couples in the ‘honeymoon phase’, struggle to figure out exactly what to do, that will allow them to use their car but spend the least money. Here are some ideas:

Drive-thru. The first stop for first dates is always food. There are things to anticipate, however, such as buying stylish clothes for yourself, scheduling a romantic dinner, wearing some accessories, and sporting a fragrant perfume (for more information, view True Pheromones). It can create a comfortable first date atmosphere and opens up your down-to-earth personality – thus also ‘taking-away’ that awkward, ‘Is there food on my face?’ concern. With curb-side food pickups, messiness is expected!Scenic drives. Take a romantic scenic road trip through Chapman’s Peak, the Garden Route, Ceres, Franschhoek and many other places. Experience some sightseeing of South Africa’s famous mountain-passes, farms, ocean and gardens. Watch the sunset. Make your car and date feel like movie stars!

Outdoor film drive-ins. Why take your date to the cinema when you can experience an intimate outdoor cinema, in the comfort of your car. In case your partner does not like outdoor cinemas, you can plan a movie night in your car itself. If you have a digital tablet dashboard like the ones in tesla, you can easily have a movie night and some privacy as well. all you need to do is ask for their preferences in the genre. For instance, if they like horror movies, you can quickly head over to or similar movie suggestion sites and impress them with your choice of a horror movie. This is an easy loophole to speed up things in your relationships.

Games. How perfect is a date where you never have to leave your car?! Get some games and snacks. Park somewhere and spend your first date playing road-trip questionnaires, trivia’s, truth or dare, or many other fun, favorite games. These will keep you chatting throughout your date night.

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If you are not sure about which car best compliments your date’s persona, check out their Zodiac Sign on CarZar’s horoscope, ZARoscope, to find out about their favorite vehicle.

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