Get ready to feel the crunch – South African motorists have been warned to expect a projected fuel price increase of 63 cents for September.

Watching those rands disappear as your tank fills up can make even the biggest petrol-head think, “Maybe I should sell my car?” Whether you drive a Smart Car, SUV or sedan, reducing your petrol consumption will save you a pretty penny every month.

Here are some tips for making your petrol last longer, to help you save money on fuel!

DISCLAIMER: some techniques, like drafting, are dangerous and against the law – this list will not endorse any of these techniques.

  1. The Last Air Filter: A clogged air filter can reduce efficiency. If you can’t see through the filter, it’s time to change it!
  2. Smooth sailing: Drive at a steady pace, trying not to brake and accelerate sharply – this will use more fuel. Keep an eye out for traffic lights changing, so you can slow down smoothly – starting from a stand-still is the worst for petrol consumption!
  3. Slow down there, partner: The faster you drive, the more petrol you use. Driving at speeds higher than 88km/h uses more fuel – driving at 110 km/h uses 10% more fuel than 100 km/h, while 130 km/h uses 25% more fuel than 110 km/h.
  4. Open up: if you’re driving at low speeds, open your windows – your Air Conditions will use a lot of fuel at low speeds. So roll those windows down when you’re crusin’ round the ‘burb, but…
  5. Batten down the hatches: Keep your windows closed when driving at higher speeds – open windows cause drag. Turn on your air-con when you’re on the highway.
  6. Watch those revs: Your engine uses more fuel when it’s goes past 3000 RPM, so keep an eye on that tachometer and keep those revs down.
  7. Lose that winter weight: try to get rid of any unnecessary items from your car – the added weight decreases your fuel consumption. Air resistance is another bummer, so remove your roof racks when you aren’t using them..
  8. Avoid driving in rush hour traffic: Getting stuck in traffic sucks – sucks petrol, that is. If you can avoid driving in rush hour, you’ll save yourself some cash on petrol – spend it on getting a drink at Happy Hour (just one!).

Check out our super useful Fuel Consumption Calculator to help you make your fuel last even longer!

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