How to accept payment when selling a car?

How to accept payment when selling a car?

February 20, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Selling a car or trading in a car means being completely aware of the process, right through to the end of the transaction.

So? Well, you’ve worked hard for your investment and either way, who would prefer to get ripped-off or scammed into a deal?

Let’s get one thing straight, after all the haggling and final agreement, your car buyer is responsible for remitting the full amount payable for your second-hand car.

On another note, you’re the used car seller, this means the transaction is a one-way exchange – cash for cars! You’re under no obligation to:

When selling a car enters its final stages of payment, our biggest safety concerns are always:

  1. How am I going to handle the payment?
  2. I’m getting thousands of ZAR of cash, what if I get robbed?
  3. What if the cheque is counterfeit?
  4. Can I trust the dealer or private car buyer?

It all really comes down to one simple solution, as said previously:

Cash for cars!

However, cash for cars do not always mean getting a briefcase of ZAR notes in your hand.

If your car buyer insists on offering a cheque instead, don’t sell car then! Remember that a legitimate private car buyer or salesman would give you any hassle about depositing the money straight into your account.

To steer clear from your deal going unwelcomely sour, the best thing to do is weigh-up your transaction options.

Bank Transfer

You’re guaranteed zero safety during the transaction of selling your car for cash.

Here’s an example of how a motor vehicle bank transfer payment works at CarZar:

  • The first thing you need to know is that CarZar banks with FNB (First National Bank) – if CarZar pays to an FNB account, the motor vehicle payment will reflect immediately in the seller’s bank account. However, less commonly, payment can take up to an hour.
  • If CarZar pays to a bank account other than FNB, payment into the seller’s account can take between 2-hours and 2 working days.
  • All CarZar customers will receive proof of payment from CarZar, as well as a notification from FNB.

If you accept the cash offer your receive at your obligation-free inspection, we make an immediate payment straight into your account.

However, if you’re not satisfied with the offer your receive, we’ll give you the opportunity to advertise your car to hundreds of dealers nationwide for 48-hours, on our matchmaking selling platform.

This means you get the best price the nationwide market is willing to pay for your car!

Internet Transfer

Another safe and globally recognisable payment method. Making a transaction via internet transfer is one of the quickest solutions to battling fraud risks. However, it’s not completely ‘scam-proof’; though, harder to manipulate. For this reason, it’s probably best to wait for confirmation from your bank before handing over your car.

Cash in Hands

Simple, but risky – the type that will get your heart racing until the cash has been secured, due to its high risk of fraud and theft. You may trust the car buyer, perhaps you even know them. But, is it not safer to play it safe? As seamless as accepting cash may seem at your car sale, walk away. Watch out for overpayment scams as well! Car buyers tend to ask to give them change for an overpayment along with the car. But, in case you do decide to accept cash in hands, take it to the bank to get authenticated.

Cheques are a bad idea

In today’s modern age, it’s very rare that you’ll find a car buyer offer a cheque for your car – unless they’re Elon Musk. Accepting a cheque transaction is not the best idea, as chances are, your ‘car buyer’ probably has a scam or fraudulent transaction installed for you. How sure are you that the insisting car buyer even possesses the amount promised on the provided cheque? Even so, although you can stop the payment after depositing the cheque into your bank, why put yourself through the hassle. top tip: hold onto your car keys until your account looks like an all-inclusive basket of cash, which has been verified by your bank.  

With CarZar, you can get hundreds of offers from top dealers around the country, and in turn, the best price the market is willing to pay for your car. Zero risks. 100% Obligation-free. Guaranteed final offer.