Honda is fed-up of living under the shadows of its competitor, Tesla, and is earmarking its new concept to play catch-up with Elon Musk’s premium electric SUV’s and sedans – let’s not forget Volkswagen, Nissan, Ford and GM, which have already set plans to manufacture long-range electric cars over the next few years.

The Japanese brand will be debuting its 2 new powerful and efficient electric cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September 2017 – expecting to launch its Urban EV Concept in China and Europe in 2018.

According to Honda, China will be a specific target market for the brand, while the Honda market in Europe will experience a rite of passage in the undergoing of “Honda’s first EV for Europe”. Honda’s president and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, revealed that the other car will be made for other regions. However, we have to give an ups to Honda’s strategic thinking – what better way than to start in China, who has strengthened its regulations in favor of electric cars and plans to make EV’s a fifth of Chinese car sales by 2025.

But, Honda’s visions do not stop there…

The Japanese automaker is en-route toward a brand-shaking shift in gear. With more vehicle manufacturers jumping on the electric wagon, Honda has set an ambitious target of having two-thirds of its vehicles engineered as electric, by 2030. The brand also aims to crank up its range of miles per charge.

Check out Honda’s new EV concept: Honda’s NeuV can become your personal

YouTube video by Tech Insider

Considering GM’s Chevy Bolt and 30 Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles already roaming the streets, it seems as though Honda has a lot of catching up to do and they’re hoping for the Chinese market to thrust the pedal on Honda EV sales.

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  • The longer you wait to sell your second hand car, the more car resale value you will lose.

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