Selling your second hand car can be stressful and time consuming; as a result, you can unlikely end up selling it for less than what it’s worth.

But, did you know there are benefits to selling your car and get cash quickly?

What if we tell you, “You can sell your car in 30 minutes and get paid instantly”!

CarZar provides you with the top 4 benefits of selling your car for cash and the different ways in which you can take in the process. Here are benefits of selling your car for cash:

1. Quick cash: Believe it or not, you get instant cash. To some car sellers, it may sound too good to be true. But, you can get cash , or deposited into your account on the same day. Who knows, maybe you can even use that cash as a down payment on your next vehicle – or perhaps, travel, or buy a house. After all, it’s your choice on how you spend your money.

2. No more car troubles: Aren’t you tired of constant car troubles? Generally, old cars are more likely to need repairing. But, visiting an auto mechanic can be quite a hassle; especially when you have car troubles almost everyday.  

3. Free up space: Whether you are planning on buying a new car or not, let’s admit it, having a cluttered garage can be frustrating. It becomes even worse when you’re storing a vehicle inside it. Why waste all that space on a car you probably don’t drive much anyway? Instead, make quick cash and sell that car – make room for a tool area.

4. Reduce expenses: If you are still paying insurance or any additional expenses for your ‘unwanted’ car, then why not sell your car and pay off that unwanted debt. Generally, older vehicles waste more fuel and cost more for routine maintenance – which include repairs. Reduce your expenses and in the process, enjoy some extra cash.

What could be more relaxing than selling your ‘unwanted’ car and getting instant cash! You can also enjoy the perks of not having to stress about any car trouble. Sell your second hand car to CarZar and spend your cash as you wish.

Whether your car is financed or not, at CarZar, we buy cars for cash instantly! On you can get a free instant online quote for your car and sell your car in just 30 minutes.

All you need to do is:

STEP 1: Select your car details and receive your free online quote instantly.

STEP 2: Book an obligation-free inspection at any one of our Car Buying Centres in Cape Town or Johannesburg; or at your preferred location in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban or Port Elizabeth.

STEP 3: Accept our final cash offer and receive instant payment! We also take care of all the paperwork for you.


Send a WhatsApp message with the word “Quote” to 087 470 0436 and receive a free quote for your car.

With CarZar, you can sell your car in 30 minutes!