Frustrated about Potholes? Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Potholes

Frustrated about Potholes? Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Potholes

February 24, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Tyre prices continue to soar and potholes are not making it any easier on car owners’ pockets – especially those who have to face Johannesburg’s eroded streets.

Holding the weather’s pouring rain accountable for Jozi’s damaged roads, in July 2017, the City of Johannesburg prioritised pothole repairs by patching-up 117,483 potholes along the Soweto Highway and committing to an additional R88-million to fast-track the repair of failing road surfaces.

In January 2018, Auditor-General’s report on the City’s finances reported that Joburg was able to save R487.7-million through austerity measures launched by Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba.

According to Joburg’s mayor, the savings will be aimed at the helm of “critical service delivery areas” – one of which include repairing the City’s “potholes”.

Potholes are generally a result of the freezing and thawing of water underneath the rock, causing the road to weaken, crack and turn into a pothole due to the constant pressure of vehicles on the road.

The fact is that we can’t prevent rock from natural erosion, but it can be fixed – by the City’s municipal at least. But, it’s clear that a quick-fix is not an immediate solution due to the long-term process of planning and implementation.

For now, the safest way to handle the encounterment of a pothole is to avoid it with these few driving tips.

  • Ensure your tyres are inflated according to the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Avoid driving over puddles of water, as there may be a pothole buried underneath it.
  • If you’re forced to drive over a pothole, slow down and treat it as a speedbump to steer clear of tyre, rim or undercarriage damage.
  • Hold your steering wheel firmly while driving over a pothole, to avoid losing control over the car.
  • Report the pothole to the City and if your vehicle has suffered damage, you can find out if you can claim reimbursement for the damage.

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