Ford SafeCap: No Right of Way for Sleeping Beauty

Ford SafeCap: No Right of Way for Sleeping Beauty

February 26, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

After being snubbed with late nights of work, partying and long road trips, it’s finally time to pay homage to your place of residence – only to find yourself behind a car wheel, ill-fated with a sleeping curse triggered by exhaustion.


You may have a kindred spirit within your presence too… Perhaps a playfellow or kinsfolk; thrilled to finally return to their dwelling place.


Oh, what tragedy this may give rise to.


But, global auto brands like Ford, has at long last sought-after liberation for fickle car drivers with a ‘SafeCap’ designed to awaken sleeping beauties in a jiffy.


We all know that late nights and early mornings can get us feeling cranky and exhausted on the road, but whether the road trip to your next destination is short of a few minutes or miles away from journey’s end, for Ford that’s no excuse to place any lives in danger.


To celebrate 60-years of truck production in the soccer-crazed capital of Brasilia, the Ford Motor Company has innovated and mastered the technique and technologue to prevent motor vehicle drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel, on the road:


Code-name, SafeCap.


It’s a trucker cap. But, if you’re a sleeper behind your car wheeler, then give it a try. As soon as you fall asleep at your car wheel:


The prototype senses head movements associated with drowsiness then uses lights, vibrations, and sounds to alert the driver.


Check out the YouTube video of Ford’s SafeCap – a cap designed to save lives and ensure road safety for all road users.

Credit: Autoblog


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