Ford has announced that the next generation of the Focus-series will be imported into the US market from China, after cancelling their plans to build the car in Mexico.

This decision decision seemed to have gone against the United States car industry’s efforts to position its headlights on production in America.

The Chinese market has witnessed the Ford brand producing the Focus in China for many years now. But, what is keep Ford in the Chinese market? The brand believes that producing its Focus in China, for the American market, is a cost-saving strategy.

According to Ford, this decision will NOT cause Americans to suffer any loss of employment.

What’s next for the generation succeeding the current Focus? Strategy!

  1. Global production will begin in mid-2019.
  2. The next-gen Ford Focus will be imported, from China, into the US market.
  3. Other car variants will be imported from Europe late on.

For the time being, the Ford plant in Michigan will continue producing the current Focus through mid-2018; however, will be transfigured to manufacture pickup trucks and SUV’s. So, what does this mean for workers? With production of the present Focus continuing and the brand showing consistent improvements in its variants, employees will be able to dodge the boot when production of the Ford Focus vehicles moves to China in 2019.

Ford has also disclosed that $900-million will be invested into their Kentucky plant, in order to ‘focus’ on the manufacturing of new SUV models. Joining the autonomous era, Ford has positioned Jim Hackett as their new CEO, in order to help the brand delve into much more advanced technologies – self-driving cars.

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