Let the app do the searching, and you’ll do the parking and paying!

Did you know that over 30% of all CBD traffic congestion within is due to people cruising for a parking?

The time spent on finding parking in Cape Town’s congested City Centre can make drivers 30-minutes to 1-hour late for work, when sitting in hours of traffic was already enough to deal with.

Not only does this affect your time management skills, but also your daily mental health. Going on a scavenger hunt for parking around the CBD, while there are vehicles stuck behind you, can be a stressful experience. This is why ParkFind has developed a real-time platform of available parking bays in Cape Town.

ParkFind is free to download on any IOS and Android device.

How can I possibly find parking using a digital app?

  • ParkFind’s functionality allows you to find available parking in map, list or search view.
  • Once connected to the ParkFind app, you’ll see colour coded parking pins, which allow you to view live parking availability within Cape Town’s CBD.
  • Never have cash on your to pay the parking guards or end up having to search for an ATM to draw cash for parking your car? With CarFind, you can sign-up with your credit or debit card for convenient in-app payments, or feel free to pay the parking marshal directly if you so desire.

The app even provides you with the name of the parking attendant, parking hours and parking rates.

Check out this quick tutorial to find out how ParkFind works.

YouTube video by app application

Get a quick fix on parking within Cape Town’s congested CBD.

But, what if all empty parking spots are taken or my car is too big to fit in tight parking bays or the only available parking bay is far from my desired location? CarZar has two suggestions:

  1. Sell your car and use public transportation – the monthly total cost of car maintenance, fuel and parking are much more expensive than using public transportation. If you’ll be parking far from your destination, you’ll anyway have to take a walk – may as well do so from the most convenient CBD train station or bus stop. However, the MyCiti bus provides the convenience of stopping near to most office blocks and residential areas around Cape Town’s City Centre; which can even be closer than what your parking bay is.
  1. Sell your car for cash and buy a new car – by buying a smaller car to fit in tiny parking spaces, you’ll also save on high fuel consumption.

At CarZar, we buy cars for cash instantly in 3 quick and easy steps. Calculate your car resale value and get cash for cars by simply:

  1. Select your car details on www.carzar.co.za
  2. Book an obligation-free 30-minute inspection in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth.
  3. Accept our final cash offer at your inspection and receive instant payment. We’ll also take care of all the paperwork for you.