South African motorists have been feeling the ‘junk’ energy since the country’s downgrade to junk status, by international credit rating agencies.

According to TransUnion’s SA Vehicle Pricing Index, the automotive industry had experienced a 3.7% strengthening in the Rand performance, in the first quarter of 2017 – however, this clearly didn’t go according to plan… And car owners and new car buyers are starting to feel its impacts from increased costs of fuel and new cars, as a result of manufacturers having to adjust prices in correlation to exchange rates.

Has South Africa’s Junk Status downgrade affected your plan or process to sell your car second hand?

CarZar provides motorists with THREE simple ways to fight Junk Status:

Maintain a Healthy Credit Record
Costs are rising right in front of our faces. We see it everyday when we think, “Wasn’t that R10 less the other day?” The simple solution is to downgrade your vehicle for a more affordable one – before you fall into arrears or have to make large bank loans. Cars may seem like a status symbol, but having a perfect credit record is much more important.

Live a Debt-Free Life
You’re probably thinking, “That’s impossible!” Well actually, it’s really not. A good starting point to getting en-route to a debt-free life would be to pay-off your loans and credit cards, and then don’t forget to avoid creating new debt… Close those credit accounts. If you’ve got other expenses to pay, take the unnecessary ones off your budget list – Car installments, grocery lists, insurance premiums and fuel are vital; but luxury spendings are not.

Sell your Car to SA’s Most-Convenient Car Buying Service
Be money wise. For those who feel unconfident about selling a car in a country deemed as ‘Junk Status’, online car buying service, CarZar, empowers consumers to sell their car seamlessly, in only 30-minutes! All you need to do is go to, enter your car details and receive a free instant online quote. If happy, you can book a free inspection at any one of CarZar’s most convenient Car Buying Centres in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban; or CarZar’s expert vehicle Inspectors can come to your preferred location! Here you’ll receive a fair and reliable cash offer. If you accept their final cash offer at your obligation-free inspection, instant payment is made into your account!

CarZar provides a safe and convenient car selling experience throughout the entire process. No haggle, no hassle!

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