Having a car doing the driving, sounds like an utopian world for most motor vehicle drivers. But when really digging deep into the idea of autonomous cars, the first thing that comes to mind is, “what if there’s a system failure?”

So, what are manufacturers doing to give automotive consumers a ‘piece of mind?’

In terms of safety, the United Kingdom Transport Minister, Claire Perry, has announced that self-driving or ‘autonomous’ cars must have a ‘reserve driver’, in case of system failure. Consumers in the United States has also developed fear of buying the car.

There have been many reported feared reasons for autonomous cars:

A crash means a lifetime of court cases: There will be piles of paperwork; and who will be to blame – an autonomous car or the human-controlled car?

They are deadly weapons: The car will be a mobile explosive devices at high speeds.

Driving instructors will be jobless: Roads have rules and laws. Autonomous car owners will not know whether their car is abiding to the National Traffic Laws or not.

Reliability: The autonomous car might stop listening to their owner at some point.

Chivalry: Autonomous cars will not salute you when stopping to let them pass by.

Humanity will become redundant: Owners will become lazy and useless in controlling their way on the road.

Autonomous racing is risky: Racing with self-driving cars can cause heavy injury accidents and even, death.

The luxury: Autonomous cars appear to be safe and fun, causing owners to try and get thrills out of the drive. This may result in road accidents – taking us back to point 1.

Trust in autonomous cars has therefore been difficult for consumers. However, this is mainly due to the initial hesitation of having to put your life in the robotic drive of a machine.

Consumers therefore need to learn to trust the autonomous vehicle, but first trust the automaker’s invested idea of the self-driving car.

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