Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, has criticized the roll out of the new e-toll gantries – with good reason, that is. Standing up for human rights to information affecting citizens, Makhura has rightfully stated that the government cannot build new roads and only later inform citizens, that they need to pay. Sanral has therefore been urged to be more on track, ensure and speed up its information broadcasts; rather than relying on other organizations to inform the public.

Sanral has increased its e-tolling system rates.

Already being slandered by users, Gauteng’s e-toll system fees are set increase this March, as stated in the Government Gazette. are increasing due to roads being built. As Sanral’s e-toll website is uncommunicative to the e-toll adjustment update, CarZar helps to make motor vehicle drivers aware of the escalation.

The climb in Sanral’s e-toll rates have appeared merely 6-months after the tariffs were reduced. At the time, the decrease in e-toll charges were due to public demands and 60% discounts being provided, on outstanding balances before September 2015.

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