We often spend large amounts of driving time on our way to and from work – or otherwise known as every motorist’s worst nightmare, peak time traffic. With driving being globally omnipresent, it is clear that the globe suffers from a deficiency in its health implications.

On a general scale, many road users view vehicle ownership as the most convenient option in terms of commuting. However, consider the unsustainable nature of owning a new or second hand car:

  1. Vehicle CO2 emissions have a detrimental impact on the environment.
  2. High susceptibility to road injuries.
  3. Reduced physical mobility and networking.
  4. Less opportunity for active transport.
  5. Negative health impacts.

Several studies have shown that driving a car has the ability to compromise one’s health, due to:

  • Stress caused by traffic congestion and searching for parking.
  • Road safety concerns.

Apart from the above health discrepancies, driving a car replaces time devoted to other behaviors that may also affect health; such as sleep, cooking a healthy meal, QT with friends or family and leisure downtime.

Did you know that driving is also linked to sedentary behaviour, which may, in turn, lead to high risks of chronic health diseases. A cross-sectional study has revealed that long-distance driving can cause a 6% increase in obesity risks.

But, it’s not as if we are trying to terminate our quality of life. Unfortunately, since the invention of the automobile with petrol/gasoline-powered internal combustion engines in 1885 by Karl Benz, grabbing the keys and stomping on our accelerators have become second nature. Does that make polluting the very environment in which we live and being less physically active, ‘third’ nature?

The world has entered an age of global health, and with driving as a risk factor for a cluster of health behavioral issues, start the process toward good health with a lifestyle intervention.

CarZar has weighed-out a variety of travel options for you, along with its personal and environment health benefits:

  1. Walking – A one of the healthiest ways of commuting to your destination, walking improves the health of your lungs, muscle, heart, well-being and bone growth. It’s not only one of the most merited exercises, but it also shrinks pollution and stress levels.
  2. Biking – There aren’t bicycle lanes and road signs for nothing. Travelling with your bicycle is a great way to improve your social networking skills. Turning over the pedals consistently also means you’ll get more limb exercise and a proper flow of blood circulation throughout your body. With no added CO2 emitted engines coming from bicycles, cycling is definitely a green travel option.
  3. Public Transportation – Commuting via bus, train or minibus taxi means you’ll save hundreds of Rand per month on fuel, car maintenance, parking, vehicle insurance covers – apart from other vehicle-related expenses. By travelling in groups, you minimise pollution by cutting a car off the road; and you’ll be able to use the time to test your brain health – social skills, reading, writing, and removing the stress of trying to find parking and cursing at traffic.
  4. Ride-sharing – Did you know that ride-sharing increases the scaling down of traffic congestion, and in turn, may improve air quality for a sustainable environment. With ride-sharing, you’ll receive a match list of other who live near you and are traveling to similar destinations at similar times. So, call them, arrange to meet up and share a ride!

Drive less and gear up to venture towards improving your health and lifestyle. It’s as easy as walking, bicycling, taking a bus or train, or even ride-sharing. You’ll not only be able to improve your physical well-being, but also improve your personal cost of living by saving on the major expenses that comes from owning and maintain a used car.

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