Approaching a turn at ease with a sudden pull of the handbrake without completely locking the rear wheel, is what street racers call ‘drifting’. And who would have known that ‘drift racing’ originates from the mountain roads of Japan by ‘Drift King’, Keiichi Tsuchiya. As racers learned the drift technique, the racing style became highly reputable among crowds – globally!

BMW and Ford were popular drifters back in the day; specifically, the 325i and Escort models slaying drift races with high performance turns that competed for first place.

Introduced in the third series, BMW’s 325i variant was the brand’s third series coupe model. The muscle-structured car is a sportier version of the M3; making it perfectly fit for drift racing. The Shadowline’s engine straddled 168 horsepower at 5,800 rpm, while spinning 163 Nm of torque at 4,300 rpm. The 325i reaches a top speed of 217 km/h. However, these are only generic variants. Imagine what the BMW model can do when modified to steer its way through the drift racers!

When racing fanatics think about Ford Escort going up againsts street royalty, they imagine the MK-2 model variant taking over the rallying dimension. The Ford Escort Mk.II has made its mark in revolutionizing definition of drift racing. The Mk.II packs the required mods for a drift car. This included hydraulic handbrakes and high powered steering to side-way its technique at sharp angles. South Africa’s Escort Mk.II received a 1.3-litre engine powered with 42 kW and 56 horses, while the 1.6-litre boasted 52 kW and 70 powerful horse strides.

The 3-series BMW ride boasts handling and balance that is intact, however, its run-flat tires can be a bit stiff on the roads. Although the Escort emphasizes less performance, its sporty look must count for something – it is a drift legend after all.

Which drift king do you think powers more steering at high exit speeds?

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