Does your Second Hand Car Stereo Sound Lousy?

Does your Second Hand Car Stereo Sound Lousy?

February 24, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

So, you’ve bought a new or second hand car, or you’ve decided to a new or upgraded sound system for your car… But, you still can’t seem to get that perfect audio to flow through your car speakers.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in road-raging traffic while being relegated to silence, because your car stereo is not working or the sound streams poorly.

When getting a new sound system for your car, there are 3 factors to look out for to avoid having to get yourself some hearing aids.

1. Speaker Placement

Speakers these days are positioned in the wrong place – for fashion, perhaps? How do you benefit from a state-of-the-art sound system when it’s positioned in a sound-blocking position, where the seat occupants block both speakers on each end?

If you’re getting a new sound system installed into your new or second hand car, ensure the speaker is positioned central to the car to enjoy its quality ‘as advertised’. Alternatively, consider car rigs like THX or B&O.

2. Noise

Car drivers will know that driving involves a combination of music and road noise. Luckily, some cars possess noise cancellation, which injects the inverse of road noise into the audio system to cancel it out.

3. Compression

Most forms of sound in MP3s and radio are heavily compressed, because ‘we want it now in the least amount of space’. This creates a lousy sound and not to mention, fried ear syndrome. Make sure your next big stereo buy uses predictive AI (artificial intelligence) technology, which listens to what is missing and puts it back before the sound signal hits the amp and speakers.

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