Diesel to be Scrapped in Britain

Diesel to be Scrapped in Britain

February 27, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Britain’s diesel industry is rolling downhill with talks of a diesel scrappage scheme.

If diesel is scrapped, car owners would be forced to trade-in their car for one emitting no CO2 into the atmosphere. But this seems to be the goal for British Government’s introduction to the diesel scrappage scheme – to fight pollutive emissions transferred into the environment, by cars.

Although, the idea of a greener environment always takes top priority in the automotive industry, when it comes to fuel economy, the main concern of British drivers is that they cannot afford to pay for their car repairs. Statistics have shown that 25% of drivers younger than 55 years of age, ignore their car repairs. High repair costs are therefore forcing car owners, to drive faulty vehicles. However, partnering with doctors, taxi drivers and businesses, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will offer car drivers £3,500.00 as an incentive switch from diesel to electric.

They Mayor of London has further big plans for the city of London. Parking costs have been said to increase. The Mayor also aims for the implementation of ultra-low emissions zone, along with a toxic fine of £10.00 on particular pollutive diesel cars.

Indifferent to the scrappage idea, the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, also has goals in place to outlaw diesel-consuming cars; part of which involves causing a wedge between diesel engines and the city center in the next 5-years, as well as introducing low-emission zones. The most fundamental objective for Liverpool’s Mayor are zero emission motor vehicles using ‘clean’ fuels, cycling and walking.

But how can car owners simply scrap their diesel cars and buy a zero emission car – brand new?

Although running costs are less, owning an electric car is more expensive than owning a diesel engine; and drivers are already struggling or not willing to pay extensive repair bills, despite their car being a daily need.

Car owners clearly have more financial commitments, than paying a cost to repair their brake pads. Despite having a positive effect on the environment, the implementation of Britain’s diesel scrappage scheme, will plainly cause burning holes in drivers’ financial lifestyle.

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