With a perfectly running car comes a well maintained one…

There are many things to consider when trying to ensure that your second hand car is kept running smoothly. Why? Well, whether you’ve pampered, altered, wrecked, painted or washed your used car, your car still needs some diagnostic work – both mechanical and electrical.

Did you know that your vehicle should be relatively quiet while running? Ensure to get your car serviced when appropriate – especially when your engine is waking up the neighbours.

Car maintenance is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning to sell your car. And the most obvious advantage – you get the highest possible value when selling your used car; whether you sell car privately, sell your car online for instant cash or sell car to a dealer.

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But, before you head out, here are #8 fun incredible facts you should know about car maintenance since the invention of the first car in 1672 by Fernand Verbiest:

#1 Cappuccino is a strange source of renewable energy – It costs x50 more to run and uses 56 espressos per mile.

#2 There are nearly 900-million oil changers annually – an oil change alert hits dashboard warning lights about every 3000-miles and most engines require 5 to 7 quarts.

#3 The year 1922 witnessed the first gas gauge!

#4 The first cars used a lever as a steering wheel – leading to the idea of ‘joy sticks’ used to play a race car game on gaming consoles.

#5 The invention of tyres in 1911 by Philip Strauss took the design of bicycle tyres – simply an inner tube inflated to offer a firm based for its outer rubber shell.

#6 The idea of modern brake lights in rear windows came from Elizabeth Dole – yep, a female!

#7 Windshield wipers were invented by Mary Anderson in 1903 – let’s thank her for the creation of an important aspect of car maintenance.

#8 The word “tune-up” was coined by Henry Ford – now associated with the replacement of spark plugs and any idle problems linked to running the engine.

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