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Sell your Car in 30 Minutes!

Is it time to buy a new car? Need to get rid of the old one first? Whether you’ve done it before or it’s your first time, if you’re thinking: “It’s time to sell my car,” there are some things you need to consider.

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Here’s a simple checklist to follow to get the most cash for cars:


If you know your way around cars, you can try this yourself, but otherwise, you should have an experienced mechanic have a look at it. When selling a vehicle, inspect the car’s exterior, interior, and under the bonnet. Check for any problems which might influence the price. If you want more cash for your second hand car, fix any small problems that can be solved inexpensively, since this may affect your asking price.


Make sure you take some good quality photographs of the vehicle. Take photos of the exterior and interior, in an area with good lighting. This will give potential buyers a good look when selling a car privately.


If you want to sell your car fast, you’ve got to ensure it you have the correct documents. Make sure you have the car’s registration certificate, service history and receipts.


Think about it – if you were going to buy a new car, you’d want it to be clean, right? If you try selling a car that looks dirty, potential buyers will think it hasn’t been cared for properly. Vacuum the interior, use carpet cleaner on the carpets, give the outside of the car a good wash and polish, and clean the tyres. You’re not selling your old car – someone else is buying a new car! Make it look good for the new owner.


Look for other ads for the same car model as yours to get a general idea of what others are asking for the same car. Set your asking price a little higher when selling a car privately, as buyers will try to negotiate. Some sites will let you sell your car online for free, but be wary when interacting with buyers from these sites. Sites like CarZar let you check car resale value online, instead of having to calculate resale value yourself.


Include all the specific information about the vehicle in your ad. This includes the manufacturer, model and year of release, as well as engine size and odometer reading. Make sure you include your contact information, but be careful of giving away too much personal information when selling your car privately – identity theft is a real thing!

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