Get more cash for cars when selling a car privately

Getting your used cars for sale ready can be a daunting process, but if you want to get the most cash for cars it’s something you have to do.

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Clean it

The first thing you should do when selling a car privately is to get it looking its best. Used car buyers are more likely to follow through on a sale if they feel that the second hand car has been well looked-after. Give it a good clean, inside and outside – a full valet may be expensive, but it will save you time and pays for itself. If you choose to clean your car yourself, remember that your used cars for sale has served you well, so give it that new car glow with a wax and polish. Before you meet with a potential car buyers, remove any mess or clutter from inside the car, give the interior a good vacuum and don’t forget to clean out the glove compartment of any non-essential paperwork.

Repair it

It might seem counter-intuitive to spend money on a car when you’re aim is to get cash for cars, but doing affordable repairs can allow you to increase your asking price. Start small by replacing any broken lights or burnt-out fuses and filling fluid levels. For more serious issues, get a quote from a mechanic – you’ll have to use your discretion when determining if the cost of the repair is worth the price you’ll get when selling a car privately. If the car buyer insists on having their own second-hand car repairman check the car out, it’s advisable that you have your own mechanic inspect the car as well, before you put the used car for sale. Keep all the invoices for repairwork and present them to potential car buyers so there can be no doubts of the used car’s state. Getting a roadworthy certificate is not the responsibility of the seller, but it can help you ask for more cash for cars for sale. Remember that these certificates are only valid for three weeks, so don’t bother getting one if you aren’t ready to sell used cars quickly.

Get your documents in order

Aside from the invoices for any repair work, make sure you have all the paperwork in order before you try selling a car privately. Keep the relevant documents in the car’s glove box to present to potential car buyers, but make a copy of all important documents before you sell in case there are any issues after you have made the sale.

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