When selling your car, trading in your car, auctioning your car or simply changing any details about your second hand motor vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle owner or vehicle titleholder particulars are changed. This is to avoid paying pricey fines involving incorrect information use; and ensures that you retain a clear vehicle record, in case any traffic violations have been committed using your used car or any second hand vehicle that you have sold.

More about changing your used vehicle particulars

If you have made any alterations to the particulars of the vehicle owner or titleholder, the changes must be conveyed to the relevant registering authority within 21 days of the change, using the NCP (Notification of Change of Address or Particulars of Person or Organisation) form. Selling a car or any vehicle can also be communicated using the NCO (Change of Ownership/Sale of Motor Vehicle) form. Your second hand vehicle must therefore be registered by the owner. As the original car owner, you therefore have the right to have your name removed from your sold car.

Your responsibility when changing vehicle ownership

Although you have the right to request a change of ownership to your used sold car, you also have a few responsibilities during the change of vehicle ownership process. The process is generally completed on the same day and processing fees may vary. CarZar helps you track of your responsibilities:

1. Visit the relevant registering authority.

2. If making a change of address, bring along:

  • South African ID copy; or original foreign ID, including a certified copy and temporary residence permit
  • Proof of postal and residential address

3. If South African, submit a NCP form. If foreign, submit a NCP and ANR (Notice in Respect of Traffic Register Number) form.

4. If selling your vehicle:

  • Submit a NCP form
  • Give the registration certificate to the used car buyer
  • Provide a mass measuring certificate if the vehicle’s tare was changed

5. The car buyer:

  • Submit a RLV (Registration and Licensing Motor Vehicle) form, with the vehicle registration certification
  • Submit the form to the registering authority within 21-days of buying a used vehicle, along with the registration form received from the seller
  • Have the vehicle road-worthied

6. If registered under a company, submit a certificate of incorporation or name change

7. Pay the prescribed fees

8. If requested, you may need to provide proof of rights to register as the vehicle’s titleholder.

The forms required, when making a change of ownership to the particulars of your vehicle, are available on the eNATIS website. Follow CarZar’s guidelines and adhere to your responsibility as a car seller, in order to conserve your human rights when changing the owner or titleholder particulars for your used vehicle.

The above information, as retrieved from gov.za, is simply a guide and does not change any laws, rules and regulations, as stipulated in the South African National Road Traffic Act or National Road Traffic Regulations.

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