Like it or not, second-hand car salesmen have a bad reputation for trying to low-ball their customers with unfair offers. Ask anyone who’s ever sold their car if they think that the offer they received was the best they could have gotten anywhere else, and they’ll probably say no: maybe if they had tried a few more dealers they would have gotten a better offer. But that means driving up and down, looking for other buyers without ever knowing if you’ll get an offer at all.

Does this situation sound familiar? Many of CarZar’s customers have similar stories, and after hearing from disgruntled customers about their unhappiness regarding the offers they received from individual dealers, we decided that enough was enough. If approaching one dealer wasn’t enough to ensure a fair price, maybe we could do better.

Well, what’s better than a few more dealers in one city? A lot more dealers across the whole country!

At CarZar, we’re committed to ensuring that our customers get the best price that the market has to offer. That’s why CarZar is the only car buying service to provide its customers with a nationwide network of over 200 dealers, all bidding for your car. That means that if you sell your car to us in Cape Town, bidders from not just that city but other major car buying areas like Johannesburg and Pretoria can all make offers on your car. Maybe customers trying to sell bakkies are worried that their bakkie isn’t going to fetch a good price in Cape Town – but the dealers in Pretoria are keen to get their hands on as many bakkies as they can, to satisfy their 4×4-hungry market.

We’ll do all the hard work – you can sit back and watch the offers roll in, knowing that CarZar is helping you get the best price that the market has to offer.

Would you like to advertise your car to 200 dealers across the country? Visit for more information. We also have a host of useful tools designed to make your life easier, like our Fuel Consumption Calculator, our Vehicle Repayment Calculator, and our Car Affordability Calculator!