CarZar is an online car buying service that operates throughout South Africa. We buy cars of all makes and models and we offer instant cash for cars – but consumers have heard that all before. We understand that potential customers are asking: what makes CarZar different from other car buying services?

The used car industry has a reputation for being underhanded, murky and sleazy. It needed a makeover, and that’s exactly what CarZar is trying to do – turn the process of selling cars into a safe, simple and hassle-free experience that customers walk away from feeling satisfied.

Here’s what most people think of when they hear the words ‘used-car salesman’: a pushy guy who walks around your car, rattling off a list of problems and issues as long as your arm. You can’t believe what you’re hearing: you had your car serviced just the other day, how could there be so many things wrong with it?

Here’s the catch: this car buyer is the same guy who wants to make you the smallest offer he can so he can resell your car for a bigger profit later on. This conflict of interest means that it’s in his best interest to find as many problems with your car as he can. Then he’ll pressure you into accepting his offer by telling you that their price is the best you’ll get anywhere else – even though you know that’s a bald-faced lie?

After hearing countless horror stories from customers who dealt with inspectors who also bought and resold their cars, we decided to break the mould and make transparency our watchword. CarZar contacted DEKRA, the largest independent vehicle inspection service in South Africa.

DEKRA conducts over 25 000 roadworthy inspections in South Africa every month, as part of their mission to make the country’s roads safer. They operate in more than 50 countries worldwide and have almost 100 years of vehicle inspection experience. By teaming up with an established, independent inspection service like DEKRA, we’ve given customers more peace of mind than ever before. DEKRA’s inspections are completely independent – their main concern is ensuring that vehicle meet safety standards. Customers now know that when their vehicles are inspected, CarZar’s offer is based on an independent and unbiased review of their car – the only service that can ensure this, and all at no cost to the customer.

For now, CarZar users are able to book an inspection at selected DEKRA vehicle test centres in Cape Town (Wynberg, Montague Gardens, N1 City and Parow) and Johannesburg (Centurion and Marlboro Park), and soon they’ll be able to make use of DEKRA’s 42 vehicle test centres operating nationwide.

Aside from an increased focus on transparency, CarZar is leveraging advances in technology to leave would-be competitors in its dust. CarZar’s easy-to-use online platform generate an online quote for their used car in seconds. Since its inception in 2016, CarZar has helped thousands of customers and received millions of dollars in funding from international investment firms.

Are you looking for the fastest, most hassle-free way to sell your used car? Or are you worried about the safety risks associated with selling your car to a complete stranger? Why not visit and get a free quote for your used car in seconds! We buy cars for cash, and you’ll get your payment in seconds! Selling cars has never been easier!

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