Get the Highest Value when Selling to Us

After getting your free instant online quote, book an obligation-free Car Inspection at any one of CarZar’s Car Buying Centers across South Africa or at your preferred location. Get the highest possible value when selling your car to CarZar, by following the below top tips!

Bring along the car’s spare keys, as well as all the relevant paperwork for your vehicle.

Not having a full service history can highly impact the value of your vehicle. Ensure you have your logbook and service history records with you, during your inspection.

Getting your car repaired beforehand will ensure you get your car’s worth – as long as you get it repaired at the vehicle’s dealership.

Get your car looking in tip-top shape. Have your car’s interior and exterior professionally cleaned.

Retain your vehicle’s warranty. Simply adhere to all the service requirements outlined by your manufacturer.

Your tyre tread depth should be at least 2mm across the central three quarters of your tyre’s circumference. If your tyre treads possess wear-and-tear, replacing them will help retain your car’s value.

Got a crack or chip in your windscreen? Most insurance policies include a free-fix. If you qualify, getting it fixed before the inspection will ensure that your offer doesn’t decrease.

If your dashboard warning lights indicate an issue, get it repaired! This may even be covered in your warranty. If not, make a pitstop at your trusted mechanic.

Selling your car has never been easier

5 reasons to book your inspection with CarZar:

• Safe, professional and transparent car inspection
• 100% Free. No hidden costs
• Secure instant payment
• We take care of all the paperwork
• Buy your next car without all the hassles of trade-ins