Get an Unbiased Vehicle Evaluation!

When it comes to driving out for enjoyment, nothing beats a road trip; especially when you’re blinded by beautiful scenery and heedless of your final destination. After all, it’s a great way to see more of the world while hauling time with family or friends.

Looking for a higher price ? At your inspection, you can choose “Option 1” to receive instant cash in hands; or if you’re looking for a greater price, select “Option 2” to advertise your car to dealers nationwide for 48-hours and get the best price directly from the market. Book An Inspection Now!

It was worth the experience and all, but not to kill the mood, vehicles depreciate as soon as they touch the road… And not to mention mileage! Mileage plays a huge role in the used car market. Why? That’s because it is one of the biggest factors involved in impacting your car resale value, car trade in value and car auction value.

Have you had a look at your mileage on the clock?

Well, we’d trust DEKRA to do so – at the end of the day, you depend on your vehicle to get you through the greenlights of your journey and safely to your destination.

On a global mission to make the country’s roads safer for human lives, DEKRA conducts over 25 000 roadworthy inspections in South Africa every month. DEKRA runs its engines in more than 50 countries worldwide and boasts almost 100 years of vehicle inspection experience within the automotive industry.

Think of DEKRA as the battle-hardened, streetwise cowboy, roaming the Wild West looking for bad guys to teach a lesson to. This is what CarZar needed for its customers:

  • An unbiased, independent and transparent vehicle evaluation.
  • Free roadworthy check.
  • A reliable, guaranteed final cash offer.

On that account, partnered with DEKRA to offer our customers a convenient, safe and transparent inspection from certified and nationally reputable vehicle inspectors. Car sellers can now receive an estimate for their car resale value online and book an obligation-free inspection at one of our selected partner DEKRA inspection locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg. All at zero costs!

At the end of your vehicle inspection, you can decide between:

Option 1: Instant Cash – CarZar will make an instant cash offer.


Option 2: More for your car – looking for a higher price? Let us advertise your car to our nationwide network of dealers for 48-hours.

If you accept our cash offer or highest offer and provide the necessary documents, we’ll make an instant payment into your account and take care of all the admin for you. Our services are 100% obligation-free, so you don’t lose out on anything!

With DEKRA’s core products focusing on Roadworthiness Checks and Technical Inspection Checks, CarZar’s customers can now receive an unbiased and accurate cash offer for their second-hand car.