The disadvantages of trading in a car

For many South African’s, a car trade-in is the only way they’ll consider selling a car – but even though many dealers will ensure you that, “we buy cars,” that doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to sell cars for cash. Make sure you read this list of disadvantages when considering whether to trade-in car.

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#1 Not all cars trade in well

Certain cars for sale in South Africa are more popular than others, and if you happen to own the wrong kind you might be unlucky when looking to trading in a car. You should be prepared to get less cash for cars that are older or less popular.

#2 Limited choice

Everyone has a dream car in the back of their head, but if you’re trading in a car for a new car at the same dealership, your choices will be limited to the stock that they have availability.  

#3 Rejection

There’s always a chance that the dealership will reject your trade-in. Not all second-hand cars are considered in demand by dealerships, and obviously if you’re selling a used car that’s damaged or in bad condition, the dealer may consider the reconditioning costs to not be worth buying the car.

#4 Price can be below retail value

Your car trade-in value at a dealership is often a lower price than you could get when selling it privately, due to dealership fees and the fact that dealers are trying to make a profit later when selling a car. To get a good idea of your car trade-in value, visit CarZar’s website to get an instant, fair evaluation of the price the market is willing to offer for your car.