Car Owners to take a Hit from December’s Fuel Spike

Car Owners to take a Hit from December’s Fuel Spike

February 22, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

“Christmas is not a season, it’s a feeling”…

And car owners are not going to be feeling merry and jolly after having to use their Christmas bonus to manage a tight budget between Christmas gifts and South Africa’s December upsurge in fuel prices.

So much for an end of year family road trip to Blue Rock Village or the Berg River Resort this 2017. It’s time to drop down a gear or two, and yield slowly for another petrol price increase.

According to a radio interview with Hanré Rossouw on station 702, the increase will be a result of the global climb in oil prices – 2-year highs of 64USD (Dollars) per barrel. So, what does this mean for South African car owners?:

An in the US Dollar exchange rate and, in turn, a torque up in the price of petrol by 60-cents in December.

The South African economy have been waving red flags since its new downgrade to Junk Status in April 2017 and it’s probably best to ready your mind and pocket for the knock-on effect it will have on the average consumer’s costs of living and the ZAR currency extreme volatility.

Despite the country’s bleak and eye-watering impact on many lives this 2017, the year is not over yet.

With many second-hand cars and new cars high on fuel consumption, find out how much fuel you use on a monthly basis with our:

Fuel Consumption Calculator

Now, ask yourself: is the petrol price increase really worth burning holes in my pocket?

By selling your second hand car, you save on:

  • Toxic CO2 emission
  • Costs of petrol or diesel fills
  • Unreasonable fuel exchange rates and tax
  • Unhealthy lifestyle – take a walk, jog or run, invest in a bicycle
  • Car maintenance costs – use our Car Affordability Calculator to find out whether your salary can actually afford a new or second hand car.
  • Fluctuating interests on vehicle finance – can your budget afford car financing or do you possess any car loans to repay? Check out our Vehicle Finance Repayment Calculator

With the best offer for your second hand car, you can use cash in hands to guarantee a great ending to your year, pay-off all your accumulated debt and make positive start to your new year!

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