Munich – With diesel emissions continuing to smother the City of Berlin, Daimler will be undergoing major roadworthy test – it seems like the German automaker is rebelling against the globes strict health regulations.

According to Bloomberg, a day after an executive summoning to Berlin, the German government announced its plans to test vehicles manufactured by Daimler.

According to Transport Minister Ingo Strater, the federal motor transport authority will also be placing headlight on other car makers’ emission violations – focusing on further tests to help improve the country’s atmospheric quality.

Why the sudden interest in additional Daimler vehicles?

Sources revealed that 2 Mercedes-Benz engines were scrutinised during an investigation in March 2017. Apparently concern has arisen about the cheating of emission tests using a particular device – but, focusing more specifically on the Mercedes-Benz product line-up.

Proof of the device?

In September 2015, the Volkswagen brand was caught using the technological device in 11-million cars – also the first brand caught by the way.

Although there’s been many claims about Daimler, the ministry disclosed that the company has following existing rules.

The real question now is, how reliable are the emission controls in diesel cars?

Let’s see how Daimler how daimler will recycle old car using diesel technology… It seems lik Audi, Chrysler, Opel and Fiat is up for scrutiny.

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