Peak hour is basically the worst time to be behind the steering wheel, especially if you’re the only one in the car. With mass production in cars and growth in new car sales causing high traffic congestion, South Africa is in desperate need of an evolution around urban mobility.

Although non-vehicle-owners are using public transportation systems, it seems like majority of road users are those car owners sitting in bumper-to-bumper work traffic every morning and evening. And what’s worse is that they’re the only one in their car.

Why not give your neighbor or friends a ride, instead of letting them add their car to the traffic congestion? Or, simply sell your car and save on pocket-burning motor vehicle expenses. Most importantly, you’ll contribute to decreasing traffic congestion, as well as harmful CO2 emissions. With CarZar, you can receive a free instant online quote, free professional car inspection and instant payment! Use public transport, private cabs or carpooling services instead – You’ll save on expensive vehicle servicing, repairs, valet’s, high fuel costs, and you won’t have to sit in hours of traffic! Reduce traffic congestion and sell your car in only 30 minutes! Simply click below to get a free instant online quote for your car from

The TomTom Traffic Index on traffic congestion illustrates a fast growing rate of road traffic within the Mother City’s CBD – a 5% increase compared to last year. In comparison to Free Flow situations, Cape Town demonstrates 42-minutes extra in daily travel time during peak hour, as well as a:

  • 75% increase in morning peak travel times
  • 67% increase in evening peak travel times
  • 30% increase in highway travel times
  • 37% increase in non-highway travel times

The CBD is currently ranked 48th globally, among cities with high congestion levels.

A more economical way to get to work would, of course, be ‘ridesharing’ or ‘carpooling’. But, most of you can probably relate to how difficult it is to simply ‘get a lift with someone’ to work; however, thanks to the Technology and Information Age, there are various online platforms that will help you find a way to instantly jump-a-ride, for example, CarTrip, uGoMyWay and JumpIn Rides.

Revolutionizing traveling conceptions

The Mother City have proposed strategies aimed at contributing towards the changed travel behavior of road users, particularly CBD motorists. Many road users are overly-reliant on owning motor vehicles. Why not change your travel patterns in the CBD through sustainable travel decisions? Using the city’s public transport services, walking or cycling, and even carpooling, are much cheaper than owning a car. Just think about it, filling up your car with fuel probably costs almost a gran; whereas the alternative is most likely less than half of what you’d pay.

#5 Benefits of Carpooling

Carpooling platforms simply connect car drivers with empty seats, with people looking to catch a lift – whether long or short distance traveling.

#1 Sharing with 2 or 3 other passengers can reduce traffic by more than 50%.

#2 Saves thousands of CO2 emissions annually.

#3 Saves 2200-litres of petrol.

#4 Avoid the stress of trying to find parking space.

#5 Saves money on travel costs.

Internet-based carpooling platforms can get you from A to B, and make pick-ups and drop-offs along the way – fit for your convenience. All you need to do is find a ride, book your ride and travel.

“Real-time rideshare technology has the greatest potential to help solve the traffic congestion on our roads,”  according to uGoMyWay co-founder.

Every carpooling in Cape Town has a car off the road, resulting in much less on-peak traffic congestion.

Share a carpool ride, or simply even use the CBD’s public transport services, take a bicycle, walk, etc. The point is to reduce traffic congestion, save on fuel costs, meet new people and reduce CO2 emissions. Sell your car to CarZar in 30-minutes instead and receive instant cash in hands!

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