South Africa – C1 truck drivers need more developed skills in order to effectively undertake their jobs. CarZar brings you news about South Africa’s commercial vehicles.

According to the MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, C1 truck drivers need specific skills, as navigating between changing loads require experienced drivers. These kinds of skills will assist them to work swiftly throughout the day. The MD reported that “We have started offering training which is designed to help drivers understand different load requirements,”.

Furthermore Herbert added, “A number of aspects can affect the stability of the vehicle and consequently its safety on the roads. This includes the correct position of loads. If this is wrong it can have the incorrect bearing on the vehicle. It is essential to understand and recognise this effect”.

With regard to the economy, a large number of items which were found on the shopping market’s shelves are distributed by commercial vehicles. In that event, shop owners prefer using trucks to move the stock in and out of their premises, in order to avoid having large amounts of stock on their property.

“We have fitted a medium commercial vehicle with an extra outrigger. This will allow the driver to feel the consequences of the load moving. Thus a driver can see how going around a corner too fast can put them in danger of overturning,”

The new skills training therefore also applies the same notion on which MasterDrives’ rollover prevention is based.

According to Herbert, drivers can also be shown the centrifugal force or “the force that arises as a result of the inertia when going around corners,”; as he believes that this will impact the vehicle’s handling. Taking safety travel into consideration, the MasterDrive MD also focuses on reaction time, the positioning of the load, the centre of gravity and braking.

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