Buying a new car VS a second-hand one

Buying a new car VS a second-hand one

February 21, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Ok, it’s your first car purchase – a new or a used vehicle, which is the best? We weigh up the pros and cons to ensure that you find the right ride.

Buying a car is not always easy; one of the biggest issues that you face is finding a trusted dealership or second hand car seller without encountering rip-offs, scams, fraud or defaults with the vehicle.

However, in search of a trusted car selling service who can turn the painful process of buying a car into a convenient and safe one, we found the PriceCheck Cars Platform.

Why bother racking your brain? PriceCheck Cars connects you to trusted second-hand dealerships who offer who will be able to answer all of your questions. Simply go to the PriceCheck Cars Platform, click on a car of interest, enter your details and request to contact the dealer.

But first things first. it’s important to keep up-to-speed with all the terms of the second hand car market. If you don’t understand acronyms such as ABS, CL, EBD and ESP, then you should definitely check out PriceCheck’s Glossary of Car Terms.

Still indecisive? Weigh-out the pros and cons of buying a new vehicle verses a second hand one.


Buying a new car

Most car buyers opt to buy brand new for peace of mind of being the first owner. Other benefits include:

  • Full service plan capped with a mileage record
  • Manufacturer warranty

The problem with buying a new car is that dealers will try haggling their way into cracking a good deal, including every new car buyer’s worst nightmare, ‘depreciation’. The value of new vehicles decreases as soon as it touches the road – generally by up to 50% within its first 3 years!


Buying a second-hand car

Thanks to previous owners who had to deal with the brunt of the depreciation cycle, buying used cars are much more affordable. However, unless you examine the car with a trusted mechanic, you’ll have to trust the seller’s word. Hopefully, the manufacturer’s warranty and motor plan will still be valid – fingers crossed!


  • Zero tax
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Wider variety of car brands
  • Room for modification
  • Depreciation rate is slower
  • Get a second hand car in almost new condition; however, only through selected companies like PriceCheck Cars

For CarZar, the money saved when buying a second hand vehicle can often outweigh the benefits of buying a car ‘straight out of the box’. Check out PriceCheck Cars for great deals, from trustworthy dealerships.