Built for Safety: Most Popular Second Hand Car Brand

Built for Safety: Most Popular Second Hand Car Brand

February 26, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

It is said that seeing is believing, but how do we create a realistic act to showcase the proper functioning of a car brand’s new advanced safety feature?

Well, we don’t! Why? It would take an actual life-threatening road act to do so, that is!

No matter how much advertising car brands create to bring in new car sales, it always takes a real-life tale to convince car buyers why they should opt for a particular car make or model. However, this tale is not as exciting as Top Gear’s Stig’s adventurous vehicle performance tests on the television show’s race car tracks. Instead, it’s a lifesaving one…

Forget performance for now. As a second hand car owner, what are the most important factors involved in reaching your destination safely?

Your alertness on the road and a new or second hand car’s reliability – we call it ‘safety features’!

And that’s all it took for Volvo to become one of the most popular car brands exclusively know for road safety.

Thanks to Volvo’s Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system, the life of a distracted child crossing a street was saved from a horrific collision. With a hard slam to the brakes, the AEB system was instantly triggered to create g-forces which pushed the vehicle forward with the lower end of the front bumper and brought the vehicle to a halt.

It’s distressful situations like these that make one thankful for modern state-of-the-art technology, such as Volvo’s new advanced braking system which played a life changing role.

Check it out for yourself:

YouTube video by RoadCams tip: If you ever find yourself buying a car from a car buyer selling a car privately, trading in car for a new one or buying a pre owned car from car auctions, ensure they’re well-equipped with reliable road safety features.