Strengths: Driven | Resourceful | Brave

Weaknesses: Distrusting | Jealous | Mysterious

Likes: Passion| Comfort | Friends

Dislikes: Revealing secrets | Lies | Passiveness

We Found Your Perfect CARmate – Jaguar Portfolio!

Scorpio-born signs are passionate, assertive and determined. The Winter Sign is resourceful, expressive, fierce, and their bravery makes them sociable. Just like the Scorpio, the Jaguar Portfolio retains an assertive outlook and appeal, on the road. The Jaguar is an executive sedan, however, this is what defines its resourcefulness – state of the art technology, comfort and advanced specifications for a dynamic, yet passionate drive. – Get a free estimate of your car online valuation and book an obligation-free inspectionWe buy cars! So if you’re looking to sell car, we’ll help you get the best price the South African market is willing to pay for your second hand car.