Strengths: Perfectionistic | Humorous | Generous

Weaknesses: Impatient | More talk than action | Insensitive

Likes: Travel | Outdoors | Freedom

Sagittarius dislikes: Possessiveness | Constrains | Details

We Found Your Perfect CARmate – Land Rover Discovery Sport!

The liberal personality of Sagittarius makes them curious and energetic. The Summer Sign is optimistic and love traveling. Their honest nature, however, makes them impatient; thus, sometimes behaving in a socially-unacceptable way. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is capable and flexible – making it the perfect Sagittarius CARmate travel companion. Its high-end technology helps the Rover Discovery make its way through grueling conditions – allowing Sagittarius to express all the freedom of being outdoors. – Get a free estimate of your car online valuation and book an obligation-free inspectionWe buy cars! So if you’re looking to sell car, we’ll help you get the best price the South African market is willing to pay for your second hand car.