Strengths: Smart | Empathetic | Gentle

Weaknesses: Desire to escape reality | Feeling victimized | Fearful

Likes: Creativity | Being alone | Music

Dislikes: Arrogance | Cruelty | Criticism

We Found Your Perfect CARmate – Volkswagen Polo Vivo

Pisces are very friendly, therefore they often find themselves in the company of diverse groups of people. The Winter Sign is selfless. They are always willing to help others, without expecting anything in return.

The Volkswagen Polo Vivo is one of South Africa’s top selling cars.  It is very dynamic, reliable, empathetic and humble. A businessman is just as happy to drive a Polo Vivo, as a student would be. – Get a free estimate of your car online valuation and book an obligation-free inspectionWe buy cars! So if you’re looking to sell car, we’ll help you get the best price the South African market is willing to pay for your second hand car.