Strengths: Communicative | Adaptable | Quick thinker

Weaknesses: Indecisive | Unpredictable | Anxious

Likes: Music | Socializing | Road-tripping

Dislikes: Loneliness | Confined spaces | Repetition

We Found Your Perfect CARmate – Mini Cooper Convertible!

Gemini’s are expressive and quick. Their good communicative skills makes them great socialites and the fun of the party. However, due to the Spring Sign’s dual nature, Gemini’s can be serious and indecisive.

As they excel in creative industries such as Journalism and Art, the Mini Cooper Convertible offers a thrilling chase for a good story. Its convertible variant is a perfect Spring CARmate that gives the Gemini Twins’ dual personality, options for an open or closed-air drive. Just like the Twins, the Mini is versatile and a fun sports drive. – Get a free estimate of your car online valuation and book an obligation-free inspectionWe buy cars! So if you’re looking to sell car, we’ll help you get the best price the South African market is willing to pay for your second hand car.