Does your 4×4 sit in the garage all day looking lonely? Does your baby have Diff-Lock and a solid front axle – but nowhere to use it? Then you’ve come to the right place!
Whether you’re looking for something to do with the family this weekend, or an adrenaline junkie searching for your next fix, we’ve got you sorted – here’s our list of the Best 4×4 Trails in Gauteng, the Western Cape and Kwazulu-Natal.

Best 4×4 Trails in Gauteng

De Wildt 4×4

Where: The Magaliesburg mountain range
Coordinates: S25°40’56” E28°03’29”
Terrain: Mountainous, sand, rock
Cost: R100/vehicle
Length:14 km
Time: 2-3 hours
Guided: Self-drive
Difficulty: Easy to Difficult, depending on the trail
Points of interest: Take your significant other and finish your drive with beautiful sunset views.
Things to remember: Try out the man-made training facilities to brush up on your offroad skills.
Contact: 083 268 8185 (

Bass Lake  Adventures

Where: South of Johannesburg, near Meyerton
Coordinates: S26’30”28” E28°03’49”
Cost: R 250/vehicle
Length: 15 km
Time: 2-3 hours
Guided: Self-drive
Difficulty: Difficult
Points of interest: Try out the resort’s other facilities, including paintball, diving in the quarry and, of course, bass fishing.
Things to remember: With more than 30 years of experience, the director of the resort Alan Pepper offers half- and full-day 4×4 training to get you up to speed before heading out onto the trail.
Contact: 016 366 1127 (

Groenkloof 4×4 Nature Trail

Where: The Groenkloof Nature Reserve, south of Pretoria
Coordinates: S25°47’19” E28°11’56”
Terrain: Water, mud, steep climbs, rocky climbs
Cost: R117/vehicle and R38/adult
Length: 14 km
Time: 2 hours
Guided: Self-drive
Difficulty: Easy
Points of interest: Check out the overnight hut for a weekend stay, and, while you’re at it, why not bring along your mountain bike and try the mountain bike trail.
Things to remember: Your own braai wood to start a relaxing fire at the picnic area when you’ve finished the trail.
Contact: 012 440 8316/341 5204 (

Best 4×4 Trails in the Western Cape

The Dunes

Where: Just outside Lamberts Bay, on the R364 from Clanwilliam.
Coordinates: S32°06’06” E18°24’09”
Terrain: Sand
Cost: R150/vehicle
Length: 26 km
Time: 4-6 hours
Guided? Yes
Difficulty: Medium to Difficult.
Points of interest: Crest-upon-crest of untouched dunes, just waiting to be explored.
Things to remember: When driving on sand, always remember – deflate your tyres and momentum is king!
Contact: 027 432 1244 (

Biedow 4X4 Route

Where: 15 km north of Wupperthal, or 40km from Clanwilliam on the R364.
Coordinates: S32°09’35” E19°11’07”
Terrain: Some rocks and sand
Cost: R150/vehicle
Length: 28km
Time: 4-5 hours
Guided? Self-drive
Difficulty: Beginner to Easy
Points of interest: Rock pools, awe-inspiring views and an easy trail – the perfect family outing.
Things to remember: Snacks for lunch, and a cozzie for splashing through the rockpools!
Contact: 027 482 2845

Buffelspoort Adventure Trail

Where: Driefontein Farm, 30 km outside Lainsburg.
Coordinates: S32°26’09” E20°58’58”
Terrain: Mud, water, rocks and sand
Cost: R550/vehicle
Length: 12 km
Time: 3 hours
Guided? Yes
Difficulty: Medium to Difficult
Points of interest: Buffelspoort is a formal Natural Heritage site, so expect stunning views and keep your eyes open for leopards!
Things to remember: Make sure you know what the weather has been like – the trail runs along a gorge, making it highly dependent on conditions.
Contact: 028 551 2117

Bojaankop 4×4

Where: The Majiesvlei Guest Farm, 10 km from Calitzdorp
Coordinates: S33°28’23” E21°37’38”
Terrain: Loose gravel and rocks, river crossings, steep slopes
Cost: R150/vehicle
Length: 15 km
Time: 3-4 hours
Guided? Self-drive
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Points of interest: The route follows the Gamka river, and provides stunning views at the end of the trail.
Things to remember: Make sure your vehicle’s ground clearance is high enough for the trail!
Contact: 044 213 3756 (

Kagga Kamma 4×4 Trail

Where: Kagga Kamma Game Reserve in the Cederberg mountain range
Coordinates: S32°44’80” E19°33’72”
Terrain: gravel, stones, sand, some steep areas
Cost: R180/vehicle
Length: 100 km
Time: 6 hours
Guided: Self-drive
Difficulty: Mediun
Points of interest: While you’re in the Cederberg, make sure to do some game drives and hikes, or check out the rock art!
Things to remember: Before you attempt to drive the drop into Joubert’s Werf, it’s a good idea to walk it drive it, making sure you not the twists and turns.
Contact: 021 872 4343 (

Boegoeberg 4×4 Trail

Where: Lambertshoek Farm in the ‘Engelsman se Berge’ near Clanwilliam
Coordinates: S32°17’14″, E18°45’15″
Terrain: Rocks, streams
Cost: R200/vehicle for all trails
Length: 30 km
Time: 6 hours
Guided: Self-drive
Difficulty: Medium
Points of interest: While you’re on the farm, check out the Sandstone mine, and maybe even grab some for your next home renovation!
Things to remember: Don’t get stuck – there is a recovery tractor, but it’ll take forever to get to you if you get stuck near the end of the trail.
Contact: 083 632 2634 (

Gecko Rock Eco Adventures

Where: Between Touws River and Montagu
Coordinates: S33°32’04.0″ E20°07’06.6″
Terrain: Sand, gravel, rocks, steep climb, sandstone ridges, pole bridges
Cost: R250/vehicle for both routes.
Length:12 km
Time:1 hours
Guided: Yes
Difficulty: Easy to Difficult, depending on the trail.
Points of interest: Experienced drivers should check out the more difficult, hand-built Grade 4 trail for more of a challenge.
Things to remember: Your vehicle should have good ground clearance for these trails, and diff lock and low-range are recommended.
Contact: 023 358 9902 (

Best 4×4 Trails in Kwazulu-Natal

Cedarville 4×4 Trails

Where: Drakensberg Mountain Range
Coordinates: S30°29’01” E25°11’54”
Terrain: Mud, rocks, gorges
Cost: R70/vehicle
Length:65 km
Time:6-8 hours
Guided: Self-drive
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Points of interest: Try out the Dagga Trail for a more exhilarating drive!
Things to remember: Make sure you pack your recovery equipment in case things go South!
Contact: 039 757 5535 ( )

Stoney Ridge Offroad Academy

Where: The Thukela Biosphere Reserve
Terrain: shale, sand, rock, rivers, dongas, steep slopes
Coordinates: S28°46’29” E29°56’45”
Cost: R225/vehicle
Length: 200 km
Time: 10+ hours
Guided: Both Guided and Self-drive
Difficulty: Easy to Extreme, depending on the trail
Points of interest: Get a experience- and vehicle-dependent customised route from owner John Rich. If the guided tours don’t get your gears going, try the self-drive GPS route for more of a challenge!
Things to remember: Take the 2-day off-road course and become a offroad trailblazer!
Contact: 036 354 7012 (

Tugam Safari Network

Coordinates: S27°34’00” E31°40’16”
Cost: R120/vehicle
Length: 75 km
Time: 10+ hours
Guided: Self-drive
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Points of interest: Make sure to pick the right trail for the time of day, to maximise your chance of spotting game!
Things to remember: Try out the Sundowner trail for a more challenging drive.
Contact: 034 413 1405 ( )
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