Barcelona’s 2019 Plan to Ban Old Cars

Barcelona’s 2019 Plan to Ban Old Cars

February 27, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Air pollution has and will always be a top concern for eco-environmentalists. As ‘green’ enthusiasts take a stand towards the issue of toxic contributions to the Earth’s atmosphere, countries such as Barcelona are delving into the automotive industry’s carbon release into the environment.

Barcelona and Munich are not wasting anymore time. They are simply taking action and putting 2-year plans in place, in order to help resolve climbing air pollution problems. You are probably wondering why ‘all of a sudden’? Spain and Germany has been urged by a court order, to prioritize their need for an eco-friendly environment, and develop strategies towards doing so.

The result?
– Say goodbye to “old cars”.

In January 2019, Barcelona will start a banning process for cars older than 20-years. On the other end of the world, Bavaria’s highest administrative court has ordered the Munich state and city to plans for “clean air”; therefore, banning diesel cars by the end of 2017. This has lead to Munich Transport and Environment’s member DUH, forcing action on Bavaria due to a breach of EU air pollution limits in particular locations.

According to Transport and Environment German member organization, Gerd Lottsiepen, the decision to ban diesel cars was a last resort, resulting from car company’s inability to sufficiently cut CO2 emissions.

German national lawsuits have now come to play, in deciding whether banning particular car categories is legal, according to the country’s road traffic rules.

With reference to the Transport and Environment, the decision to ban old car in Barcelona, is not exclusive to only diesel cars. The strategy includes a measure to make it illegal to drive cars, bought before January 1997 and vans bought before October 1994, on working days.

It is no surprise that Barcelona has been urged to do something about car pollution on the environment, as the country’s air quality breaches the World Health Organisation guidelines. If pollution persists or increase between the current period of 2017 and the plan to start banning in 2019, older cars may be temporarily banned in 2018 – approximately 7% of cars and 16% of vans in Catalunya, will be impacted.

CarZar, South Africa, surely wonders what the push-back will be like.

While plans are in place for Barcelona, Madrid is aiming towards completely banning diesel cars by 2025, including Athens, Mexico City and Paris. Will Barcelona play ‘copycat’?

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The above news update was retrieved from Clean Technica.