With government-agreed plans to develop battery technology, the future of the automotive industry is clearly electric.

Electric cars are a small minority on the road, but they boast their presence in rapidly growing numbers. The benefit of not a petrol or diesel engines running the streets is a less carbon emissions, leading to an eco-friendly environment and much less noise pollution. As electric cars make their way to the top, owning an electric car is entering a whole new rite of passage as a ‘status position symbol’.

Dutch governments has estimated that all cars will be sold electric by 2025. After 2025, a third of all cars are sold globally, are predicted to be electric by 2035.

The concept of the electric car is high-end technology and major variant advancements. Future electric cars will be able to make far travels, with less charging time. Newer electric cars will therefore hold a lighter battery with more charge, as well as ensured to have faster charging time. With investor amounts in the electric automotive industry increasing globally, the electric car is making its way to take over diesel and petrol engines on the road; making sure the automotive market receives the technology it desires.

As much as the fuel engine, the electric car is altering the world’s way of traveling. If you think about it, peak hour will be much better in a world charged in electric cars. Traffic will be faster. Light motor vehicles will have more acceleration and braking. Therefore, diesel and petrol cars may roll-out automatically, once car owners realize the much more added benefits of having an electric car versus high fuel economy cars.

However, the symbolic value of a car is more important than anything.

A car’s symbolic worth, according to Bruce Springsteen, is freedom, power and autonomy. It decided whether a vehicle would actually make its way to the top of the automotive market and use its electrical energy to outshine its competitors.

Just as having a horse in the Medieval error made you a knight, having an electric car is a status mark due to its expensive pricing, and high-tech futuristic engineering. If more investors and car brands continue advancing production and money into the electric car, the vehicle will create a desirable demand in the auto-market; thus, increasing supply and dominating the road as powered by battery engines.

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