Selling your car privately? Selling your second-hand car privately can be a hassle if you do not know where or how to start your car sale process – especially when user listings can be a needle in a haystack!

Everyone is selling a car online.

Millions of cars are sold on free classified sites such as OLX, Gumtree, Autoblog, AutoTrader, CarFind, Free Classified, Booc, Vroom and more – as the provide quick and easy ways for you to sell your car.

#1 Advertise and sell your car for FREE through numerous classified sites!

Why not trade-in your car? Or sell privately?

Trading in your car has its perks and quirks, but so does selling privately. Many car owners trade-in their car to dealerships to save time, effort and money for advertisements on paid classified sites. Dealerships provide same-day trade-ins, accept vehicles whether paid-off or not, and assist with down payments. Here, the balance is added to the new car’s bill.

Trading in your car through online sites is a rapid way to get rid of your car. Some dealers leave their work nest to verify your car’s conditions, after which they then provide an instant trade-in offer. A click of a button seals the deal.

Thus… #2 Trade-in your vehicle on car trade-in sites.

Car scams are a major hurdle for car owners wanting to sell privately. This is a common occurrence with international buyers, cheque payment methods and ‘buyers’ who want a test drive – Be aware of key swappers and thieves! Many second-hand cars also fail their roadworthy test, leading to a loss of interest from potential buyers.

Here are safe and hassle-free ways to sell your car privately:

#3 Use detailed information and photos when advertising: A roadworthy test and a valet beforehand, will enhance your chances of a phone-call.
#4 Display a ‘For Sale’ sign on your car.
#5 Auction your car through auction sites: More bidders, more money!
#6 Trade-in or sell your car through forums: Forums are great sale or trade-in mediums for car owners. Here, most luxury car trade-in action occurs exclusively – classified car sites even lack particular car listings!

CarZar offers a successful solution to help you achieve your car sale! At CarZar, we buy cars for cash. CarZar provides a quick and easy way to sell your car, through transparency. No haggle, no hassle.

Here are all the ins and outs to know, in order to drive your way to a successful sale with CarZar:

#6 Vehicle details are essential: Model. Year. Mileage.
#7 Know the value of your car: It is important to know the value and worthiness of your car.
#8 Get your car valuated by professional inspectors: CarZar offers obligation-free inspections – saving you time, effort and money.
#9 Avoid cheques: Getting cash for your car should be instant! If you decide to accept CarZar’s final cash offer, you will receive instant payment into your account.

Let CarZar help you get instant cash in hands for your second hand car sale!

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