Time changes, seasons change, but your car stays by your side – ALWAYS.

The winter season consists of cold, stormy and wet weather; and let’s face it, we become lazy in our efforts to take our second hand car for a valet or service.

But, have you considered any easier ways of ensuring that your car is able to get you through the rough Winter season of Cape storms?

Show your used car some love by following CarZar’s ‘#8 Winter Car Care Tips’ below:

#1 Check your tyre tread: During winter, whether wet or cold, roads are slippery.  Ensure you have a good-sized tread on your tyre, in order to help maintain balance on straight and narrow streets, and of course tackle any driving disasters.

#2 Tyre pressure: In winter season, it is very essential to keep track of your tyre pressure. When temperatures get colder, tyre pressure can lower along with the air temperature. Driving around with low tyre pressure could lead to a serious accident. It is also important to ensure all your tyres are filled up, as one tyre can cause the rest not to operate properly.

#3 Car lighting: The sun sets earlier during Winter, leaving fewer hours in the day. Ensure that your vehicle’s headlights are in good shape and always fix your burned out bulb, before winter starts. When your headlights are foggy, replace them immediately as they will dim the road – nobody wants to drive on an unclear road.

#4 Check the oil: This might sound obvious, but one can occasionally forget to inspect the engine oil. When your engine is empty or the your engine oil level is slightly lower than usual, your vehicle’s engine will not operate and run efficiently.  Be on the safe side and ensure your engine is always topped up with oil. By doing this, you’ll reap the benefits of a properly running car all Winter long.

#5 Refill your windscreen fluid: Imagine you’re driving along a busy, messy road and all of a sudden mud splashes on your windscreen to every angle. You try to clean it, but your windscreen fluid has run out. Not a good scene right? Avoid such incidents – always top up your washer fluid. In addition, you’ll be able to see where you’re going.

#6 Check your car battery: Generally, a car battery does not operate as seamlessly in cold weather, when compared to that in warm weather. This means a weakened battery could come your way when the Summer season hits. It is recommended to have your vehicle inspected before the Winter season starts, to ensure that your battery is still in good working condition. If it so happens that you didn’t get a chance to get your vehicle inspected, buy a new battery as soon as possible. You never know when you will need it – being stranded with a dead car battery can happen anytime and anywhere.

#7 Pack an emergency kit: Car break downs during Winter is the worst – waiting for a tow truck can feel like forever! Things get even worse when you’re stranded in traffic under rainy weather and sadly, you’ll have no option but to wait until the traffic jam is over. To avoid catching a cold,ensure you always keep a warm blanket, a bottle of water and a first-aid kit in your car. Plan ahead and prevent unnecessary ‘hiccups’.

#8 Park your car wisely: To avoid the struggle of starting your car each morning in cold and damp weather; and unsure whether to drive backward or forward… That’s when you realise parking wisely is really worth it.  Whether in wet or dry conditions, always try to find undercover parking. That will protect your car from any bad weather conditions, such as a storm or hail. Be safe and make your car last longer.

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