Tyre care and maintenance are the most important factors involved in retaining road safety, especially while driving on hazardous roads or treacherous weathers.

As a motorist, you probably face many challenges while journeying to your destination; such as peak hour traffic, annoying drivers, dodging hazardous road structures, potholes, frustrating detours due to roadworks, etc. The last thing you want to face is a flat tyre.
Many South Africans drivers do not consider the risks of not treading carefully when it comes to tyre maintenance, and thus, experience its after effects. These risks and cons include:

  • Further delay to your destination
  • Smash and grabs
  • Car theft
  • Electrical or mechanical malfunction due to a flood

If you’re a car owner or a car fanatic, you may have heard of the term ‘wheel alignment’ – let’s hope so, considering that it’s part of the process of second hand car servicing. But, just in case you’re unfamiliar with what exactly wheel alignment is, it’s the process of properly aligning a vehicle’s wheels and axles.
Wheel alignment plays a key role in ensuring the optimum handling of a vehicle, which, in turn helps you experience the benefits of road safety, a reduced risk of tyre wear-and-tear and lower fuel consumption.
After all, a tyre burst is probably the worst experience a motorist can experience. Why risk getting stuck alongside the road a dangerous South African suburbs or during a storm? It’s important to note that a good tyre tread guarantees a good grip on wet roads.
Follow CarZar.co.za 6 top tips on how to maintain your car tyres and you’ll be sure to never pull up the handbrake and waste money on roadside assistance.

  1. Check for tyre wear-and-tear

-Next time you make a pitstop at the fuel station, ask the petrol attendant to check for any tyre wear-and-tear; unless you’re able to do it yourself from the comfort of your home.
-Avoid keeping the check quick and simple. Performing a thorough check requires an understanding of potential patterns and the implications it can have during your drive. It’s therefore best to get a petrol attendant or vehicle inspector have your car tyres checked out.

  1. Inspect the position of the tear

-A bent or worn suspension can be caused by cupping wear, which is a diagonal balding or scalloping on the tyres.
-Poor wheel alignment can be noted when there is excessive wear on the inner or outer edges of the tyres.
-Over inflation is the result of wear in the central areas of the tyres.

  1. Look for gashes, bulges and gaps

-Gashes, bulges, gaps or any other tyre irregularities can be caused by missing tyre parts.
-Check if the valve caps are present, as this is a common cause of air pressure loss.
-Ensure that no wheel nuts or screws are missing.

  1. Ensure your tread is correct

-If you want good grip on the roads, ensure your wheels are not smooth or balding.
-Smooth or balding tyres are the main cause of aquaplaning and in turn, road accidents – a loss of tyre traction while driving fast on wet roads.
-Your tyre tread should be maintained at a minimum depth of 1mm across all 4 tyres.

  1. Check your tyre pressure

-Tyre pressure is one of the critical causes of tyre damage. It’s therefore vital to get your tyres pumped to the correct levels stated in your vehicle’s user manual, on the side of the driver door or on the car’s fuel cap.
-Your vehicle’s tyre pressure must be adjusted according to the load weighted on the car, so watch out for that major family road trip you’re planning.
-Under-inflation can cause too much of the tyre’s surface area to touch the road. This may cause tyre-overheating, tire bursts, early wear-and-tear and tread separation due to increased friction on the road.
-Over-inflation can cause an uneven tyre wear, and reduced vehicle traction and performance on the road.

  1. Keep a spare wheel in your trunk

-Be prepared for a deflation or puncture, by always ensuring you have a spare tyre to get back on the road. It’s your car’s lifeline and may even be yours too!
Tyre maintenance is one thing, but what about expensive car insurance. We all need a plan B in case of a road accident or damaged suspension that require reconditioning?
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