Everyone knows that traffic jams can be a major time waster – especially if you’re already late for work.

If you’ve got the traffic jam ‘blues’, it’s certainly possible to make the most out of those seemingly useless moments.

Driving is fun, but no one loves sitting in their car feeling sluggish behind the wheel. But, to make things easy on your stress level, think of it as time away from the much worse stresses of the outside world – you can turn it into a moment for self-improvement and reflection.

CarZar provides you with a few fun things to do while stuck in traffic:

#1 Pump-up the music

Jamming to your favourite song can save you from the various emotions you may feel rushing through your body while stuck in traffic –  from feeling frustrated and annoyed at the loss of time and fuel, to road rage against traffic officers who may helplessly stand and watch the chaos. A playlist of your favourite songs can help create peace within the mind.

#2 Get in touch with a family or friend via your car’s built-in hands-free system

Have your family and/or friends been complaining that you don’t have time for them? Well, this is the time to put smile on their faces! Punch in their number into your car’s built-in hands-free calling system, and express how much you love and appreciate them – or something like that…

#3 Clean your car while dancing to music

There is nothing more fun than cleaning, while dancing to your favourite songs. This activity will keep your mind occupied and avoid cursing throughout the traffic jam. Keep a cleaning cloth in your second hand car at all times – try and clean dusty areas within reach and overcome any frustration by dancing. Ensure your dashboard, steering wheel and other parts of the car stay sparkling clean, while having fun.

#4 Plan your day – in your head of course

Thinking of anything is the best way to get your mind off the hassles of a traffic jam. So, why not plan the day ahead of you? You might even remember important deadlines or errands that you may have forgotten about. Use the time you have to yourself, to reflect on important duties at hand – there’s more to life than stressing about a car that you cannot drive through.

#5 Tweet about it

Join the #StuckInTraffic movement that’s been trending on social media. Take a quick fun photo of your situation and post it along with the hashtag – when safe to do so of course. You might even laugh about it later on.

But, why deal with the stress and hassle of traffic, when public transportation is much more:

  • Stress-free
  • Convenient
  • Fuel saving
  • Economically efficient

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