As criminal syndicates become more sophisticated, car tracker devices that and the teams that operate them have to keep up. They need to stay one step ahead of the criminals where possible, so the trackers need to utilise modern technology and new ways of installing them need to be innovated.

The biggest criticism that tracking devices come in for is that criminals are able to strip them out, so installation is an area that operators are improving on. Trackers are becoming more popular in South Africa because the pros still outweigh the cons. Below are some of the advantages:

Peace of mind

The obvious one is your sanity and peace of mind – why stress about an issue that is easily avoidable. Car trackers are affordable and accessible, and they empower you with the option to recover your car in the event it should ever fall into the wrong hands.


Modern trackers can be remotely operated from an app on a tablet or smartphone. Make sure you get a tracker that offers this convenient extra because you’ll have the ability to check where your car is at any given time, and make sure it’s where you left it.

Financial incentive

Insurers in South Africa will offer you a more affordable insurance policy if you have a tracker installed on your vehicle. This means that while the tracker might set you back initially, you’ll actually save money in the long run with your lower premiums, and the tracker will pay for itself.

Fleet – manage vehicle misuse

If you manage your own fleet of vehicles, then trackers are a particularly good idea. Your staff need to utilise your businesses vehicles to make sure they only impact the bottom line in a positive manner, and you would only be able to hold them to this if you can track where your vehicles have been using mileage reports.

Fleet – review driver routes

Knowledge is power, and modern trackers will have a playback history that gives you the ability to review your drivers’ routes. This means that you are able to optimise the routes they travel, in order to minimise fuel usag