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“My brother is thinking about selling a 2nd hand bakkie or double cab… and I was just hoping that those who know about these things might be able to give some resale value advice.”

Most second hand bakkie advice forums give the third degree to these type of questions, and most answers tend to lean toward mileage, consumption level, sell the vehicle voetstoots privately and advertising on free online classifieds such as Gumtree Cape Town, Gumtree South Africa  or OLX.

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Free online classifieds like gumtree south africa.

We’ll admit, placing a “Bakkies for sale in south africa” ad on Gumtree ZA may seem like the easiest way to get your word out there. But what’s the chances your 4×4 will get hits and more importantly, a call? But, the real problem with “I Want Sell My Bakkie Ads” lay deeper than a tightened bolt and nut on a old, second hand bakkie wheel.

Knowing how to sell your second hand bakkie for cash can reduce the hassle, haggle and safety risks that comes with selling a 4×4 bakkie privately on free classifieds.

Time is every bakkie and used car seller’s worst nightmare.

Not only cars for sale in south africa but all vehicles across the globe are affected by time. Yes, clockwork! And we call this depreciation.

Car depreciation is one of the biggest players involved in calculating the value of a second hand car – thus affecting your used car resale value. Your car’s value will depreciate as soon as it touches the road. However, the rate of depreciation decreases as the car gets older. Thus, the sooner you sell it, the more cash you will receive!

For more information about calculating the resale value of a car, read:

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Follow CarZar’s 3 lifehack tips on how to get the best car valuation offer when you sell bakkie.

1. Avoid free online classifieds:

Along with advertising bakkies for sale in South Africa, Western Cape in online classifieds, comes a whole lot of safety risks, the hassle of time and convenience, and the haggle of trying to score a great deal to get cash for bakkies.

If the private bakkie used car sale looks too good to be true, it probably is…

Safety and security are the biggest risks when selling your bakkie privately. This means dealing with the hassle of consistent calls, meeting strangers, handling test drives, etc. You will also be placing yourself at risk of scams, fraud or even theft!

2. Steer clear of the ‘trade-in perception’:

Most Bakkie sellers have been conditioned into the impression that they are getting a higher price for their trade-in. However, when trading-in your second hand Bakkie, you’re simply getting a discount on your new car or Bakkie purchase!

The solution?

By selling your bakkie for cash and then visiting a dealership with cash in hands, you will be able to leverage on a much higher bargaining power, receive a better discount on your new car or bakkie purchase, and you’ll have more freedom to choose your next car buy instead of getting locked with a dealership who doesn’t sell your desired new vehicle.

3. Online car buying services fill the BIG gap:

The gap between first contact with the bakkie buyer and ending the car sale, that is!

The game of the automotive industry have changed – throwing major free online classified with a bomb which reshaped the South African second hand car market’s autotrade industry. CarZar provides the “no hassle, no haggle” car buying service that every car seller dreams of – a bakkie selling process as easy as 1, 2, 3 provided to your doorstep.

Car sellers can simply:

Step 1: Receive a free instant online quote on

Step 2: Book an obligation-free inspection at their most convenient CarZar car buying centre or preferred location.

Step 3: Accept the final cash offer provided by CarZar’s professional car buyer and CarZar will make an instant payment straight into your bank account, and do a free ownership transfer without hassling you.

Guaranteed safety and convenience throughout your entire Bakkie selling experience in South Africa.