Cars have been advancing since the invention of the horse and carriage. From there, traveling was made easier with the creating of automobiles powered by internal combustion engines – petrol and gasoline.

However, the advancement of vehicles through high tech features haven’t stopped, and manufacturers do not intend to.

So, what does the automotive industry’s future look like?

Apart from automakers and major global brands in the process of testing autonomous vehicles, here are #12 emerging technologies expected to be integrated into vehicles of the future:


  1. Autonomous driving – Have your vehicle do the parking for you, get picked up from your GPS location, sit back and have a driverless journey.
  2. Theft protection – Tech systems will remotely shutdown a stolen car.
  3. Safety sensors –  Vehicle surroundings will be monitored. Override the system to take control and avoid collision.
  4. Advanced cameras – Be aware of your surroundings with a 360-degree camera.
  5. Pre-charged brakes – Pre-charge the brakes to give it more power.
  6. Energy-storing body panels – Lightweight body panels will store energy and feed it to the engine when necessary.
  7. Biometric access – Unlock and start your car with a fingerprint.
  8. Electric motors – Faster charging and lighter motors. Peugeot, VW and Audi are expected to have electric vehicle on the road by 2020.


  1. Health Monitoring – Specialised sensors will track personal features such as stress, fatigue, infections and heart attacks.
  2. Interactive heads up display – Much more interactive info to be added, including directions, weather and traffic patterns.
  3. App central – Access social media, shopping, entertainment and news with in-air WIFI. Take advantage of a parking-finder app, real-time congestion software and notification apps.
  4. Internet connection – Full internet connection to access all entertainment.

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