With global warming making its presence known in the current conditions of the South African climate, low fuel efficiency has become prioritised on the sustainable environmentalist’s checklist of ‘things to do’. However, it is important for ‘unconcerned-about-eco-friendliness’ car owners to maintain a green environment.

A car consumes 30% more fuel if regular servicing has not been maintained. With droughts taking its toll in the Western Cape, maintaining your vehicle’s water levels are important, after all.

The automotive industry is making waves in trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions emitted by its engines. Many of South Africa’s newest car variant releases are trying to take acceleration on the environment’s carbon footprint; offering engines that offers high power but low litres fuel and gas.

If you do not want to sell your car or scrap your car, for a hybrid or sub-compact economic engine, here are #10 ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency:

#1 Measure mileage: Filling up your tank at every petrol station stop, will help you track your mileage so that you start saving on costs and emissions.

#2 Check tire pressure: Driving on the recommended pressure reduces rolling resistance, thus saving you fuel.

#3 Maintain servicing plans: On-schedule maintenance helps your car retain fuel consumption and not increase it.

#4 Do not idle for more than 1-minute: Idling consumes half to one gallon of gas per hour and emits more CO2 into the atmosphere.

#5 Change oil and oil filter: Oil maintenance ensures a clean engine.

#6 Change air filter: Air filters prevents engines from absorbing dust or dirt that clog up the box and prevent it from pulling-in air – using more fuel to keep the engine running.

#7 Drive on a high gear without over-accelerating: Driving 60 km/h in 3rd-gear will use 25% more fuel than it would in 5th-gear; while driving at fast rates in low gears will consume 45% more fuel.

#8 Get ultrasonic cleaning for fuel injectors: Carbon deposits will be removed from the fuel injectors.

#9 Use cruise control: This could save you 6% of consumption on freeways.

#10 Lighten your load: Get rid of the roof-rack. It adds aerodynamic drags, causing your car to emit more CO2.

Improving your car’s fuel efficiency, will not only befriend the environment but also help you avoid becoming affected by spiralling fuel prices. Thus, kill two birds with one stone and make the best out of a bad situation.

Improve your miles per gallon (mpg). A better fuel economy means a better environment and more cash in your account.

Check out your fuel usage with our Fuel Consumption Calculator!

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